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It's really applicable that this symposium at the emulsion polymeriza­ tion of vinyl acetate used to be held in acceptance of the economic significance of poly(vinyl acetate) and vinyl acetate copolymers, and their quite distinct homes between emulsion polymers more often than not. Poly( vinyl acetate) latexes have been the 1st man made polymer latexes to be made on a advertisement scale: their construction utilizing polyvinyl alcohol as emulsifier all started in Germany through the mid-1930s and has persisted to the current day, growing to be gradually with the years.

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Two times Avogadro's number of particles) to the solution when completely dissociated. 86°C, and a solution that changes these values by those amounts is said to be 1 Osmolar. 1. Activity vs. Concentration Early investigations of such solution properties led to some apparent anomalies. 86°C. 58°C, which was originally interpreted to mean that the NaCl was only 85% dissociated. 8. THE PROPERTIES OF WATER AND AQUEOUS SOLUTIONS 33 behavior. Ions in solutions are subject to the ii fluence of attractive forces between solute and solvent and to the effects of electrical fields on movement of charged particles.

B) Variable span adjust. b. For circuit resistances arranged in parallel, as in Fig. 2, the total resistance is calculated as the reciprocal of the sum of the reciprocals, or 1/RT = 1/RX + 1/R 2 + 1/R 3 (Eq. 6) In this case the voltage drop across each resistor is the same, but the current will vary and may be calculated for each resistance by the application of Ohm's Law. One of the simplest and most useful devices for processing electrical information is the voltage divider, which is based upon the voltage drop relationship for series resistances.

2. The Capacitance Meter The measurement of capacitance is not directly required in physiological studies, but it is often handy to be able to measure the value of circuit components. Many types of capacitors have wide tolerances in manufacture, and the marking systems in common use are often mysterious. One type of capacitance meter is shown in Fig. 20. 3. Starting with a fully discharged capacitor, the instrument 58 3. BASIC ELECTRONICS FOR MEASUREMENT Fig. 20 A capacitance meter. This convenient hand-held model relies on the charge timing for measurement (see text).

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