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By Joseph Rotblat, Ubiratan D'Ambrosio

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The mines at Anlitet and Akouta are in production and a third, at Tassa N'Taglalgue, will be producing soon. In 1984 a mine at Afasto will be operated in collaboration with Nigeria and France. Niger signed an agreement with Japan for uranium exploration. Uranium metal production increased from 209 tonne in 1978 to 4129 tonne in 1980, and 4366 tonne in 1981. Niger supplies France, Libya, Spain, FRG and Iraq with uranium. But the country does not have the scientific or technical base to establish any significant activity in the nuclear field.

Gallois ignored the fact that the conflicts that had occurred in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa are not really comparable to the Cold War conflicts between the Soviets and USA in the 1950s and 196Qs. These regional conflicts are qualitatively differentll. 38 CONTAINMENT OF THE NUCLEAR ARMS RACE The USSR and the USA have both deployed their nuclear weapons in a heavily protected second strike posture, with expensive reconnaissance and command-and-control systems which no country in the Third World can afford.

South Africa's agreements with Israel and Taiwan are such examples. South Africa has demonstrated its will to sell uranium outside the international safeguard system. This would become very serious if it sold enriched uranium with more immediate military applications. South Africa has made it clear that it intends to market its uranium only in accordance with its national interests, and that it will bargain over prices and supplies for political as well 'as economic ends. Deployment of Nuclear Weapons.

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