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It has been clear since the work of Pavlov at the end of the last century that nerves running to the gut, particularly the vagus nerve, exert profound influences on digestive function. The first demonstration of hormonal control came about in the early years of the present century, when Bayliss and Starling (1902) showed, in an experiment which has since become famous, that the flow of pancreatic juice in response to the presence of acid in the duodenum was mediated by a blood-borne factor that they named secretin.

2. Gastrointestinal Cells in Health and Disease 21 al, 1964). In rodents, the process takes 2 or 3 days (Cheng and Leblond, 1974a; Leblond and Walker, 1956; Messier and Leblond, 1960; Quastler and Sherman, 1959). These variations may result from a normal proximal-distal decrease in villous height rather than from differences in the rate of cell movement. Evidence indicates that basal columnar cells in the first four cell positions give rise to the other three types of epithelial cells (Cheng and Leblond, 1974a).

An initial signal sequence identifies the peptide as due for secretion and is thought to be short-lived. The other sequences are predicted to occur in G cells, but until recently have not been identified and so are named cryptic peptides. We have used antibodies specific for different peptides derived from the precursor, including the cryptic regions, in radioimmunoassay and immunohistochemistry to identify and localize the products of gastrin biosynthesis (Fig. 4). In immunohistochemical studies, all major products of the gastrin precursor have been localized to G cells; and by radioimmunoassay, we have identified cryptic peptide B as well as G17, G34, and G34 N-terminal tryptic fragment (NT G34) (H.

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