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How the industrious citizen the pains of the husbandman? How different far that fat fed hireling with hollow drum, Who buys whole corn-fields into wastes,t and sings upon the heath! How different their eye and ear! How different the world to them! With what sense does the parson claim the labour of the farmer? What are his nets and ginst and traps; and how does he surround him With cold floods of abstraction and with forests of solitude, To build him castles and high spires, where kings and priests may dwell, Till she who burns with youth, and knows no fixed lot, is bound In spells of law to one she loathes?

T Creator of men! mistaken demon of heaven! Thy joys are tears, thy labour vain to form men to thine image. How can one joy absorb another? Are not different joys Holy, eternal, infinite? and each joy is a Love. Does not the great mouth laugh at a gift, and the narrow eyelids mock At the labour that is above payment? And wilt thou take the ape For thy counsellor, or the dog for a schoolmaster to thy children? Does he who contemns poverty, and he who turns with abhorrence From usuryt feel the same passion, or are they moved alike?

B. ), The Nineteenth Century (1798–1900) © Macmillan Publishers Limited 1989 24 WILLIAM COBBETT His most important publications were Parliamentary Debates, taken over by, and now known as, Hansard, and State Trials. Amongst many other writings, he composed a popular English grammar, and published American Gardener (1821), English Gardener (1828), Cobbett's Corn (1828) and The Woodlands (1828). He is best remembered for Rural Rides (1830), a record of his tour round the English countryside in the 1820s, embellished with political asides and humorous insights: he wrote an entertaining, graceful prose, which lent interest to the most ordinary scene or event.

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