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By Phyllis Mack, Margaret C. Jacob

This quantity of essays displays the pursuits and services of H. G. Koenigsberger, Professor of heritage at King's collage London, who has written and taught broadly on early sleek Europe, from Sicily and Spain to Germany, France and the Netherlands. The members pay tribute to Koenigsberger's variety of curiosity by means of taking on issues that experience resonated via his lectures, seminars and public writings. What emerges from various methods and issues is an overriding trouble with highbrow cohesion, an summary which encompasses and reconciles the values of the flesh presser or pupil with these of the religious idealist. Even the main brazenly political of the key cultural figures mentioned in those pages, as Robert Kingdon's essay on Calvin demonstrates, bent their political will to the provider of an extreme religious idealism.

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Fubini and N. Rubinstein (Florence, 1977-81), I-IV. The first discussions of a general peace in Italy occurred in i486 in the aftermath of the Barons' War when Milan, Venice, Florence, the papacy, and Naples all talked about the possibility of a general league, but the idea never advanced beyond tentative discussions. Lorenzo seems to have had little faith in a general league, preferring to secure Florence's traditional alliance with Milan and Naples first. His discussion of the idea must be placed within the context of his other purposes, namely to discourage the pope's separate negotiations with Venice and to promote his own private alliance with Innocent.

The language of Renaissance praise certainly shaped the literary form which the myth assumed and facilitated its rapid expansion during the time of crisis in the sixteenth century and its survival into later centuries. The fact remains, however, that Lorenzo's fame was more than literary conceit. It was also a fact of life. Both in Italy and abroad he was already widely recognized as a man of heroic proportions. 61 Medici accepted these requests precisely because 60 61 pp. 51-88, especially chs.

213-19. V Alter cazione, ed Emilio Bigi in Scritti Scelti di Lorenzo de' Medici (Turin, 1965), 41 MELISSA MERIAM BULLARD The happy correspondence between the Neoplatonic values of his day and Lorenzo's own attempts to fashion himself accordingly constitutes one of the most important sources of the Medici myth, for contemporaries and especially later generations alike could more easily convince themselves that Lorenzo embodied those very ideals that the fifteenth-century Florentine Renaissance epitomized.

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