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By Giselle C. Bricault (auth.), Giselle C. Bricault (eds.)

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Oftle. I\Irniture Ind aQulpment, toola. build ing mllerlal. ' Nluln Motor Co: Tos hiba Corp; Blue Clrcl. nd: Ford New Ho ll and: Ford Motor Co: Ignl. Spa; Thorn OomlitiC Appliances; Potaln; GEC; Vork tn t; Crln. pr... : Nilional Bank 01 Bah"ln; Standard Chartered Bank; AI Ah li Commerc ial Bank; Binqui Par lbas Principal Sh,'aftoldsf,: A K Almoayed and lon, Dale of Etl'bllshmen/: 1935 No 01 Employees: 42 ALMOAYEO BARWlL LTD 2nd Floor. ~d Bid". AI Khalil. m. n Khalil Almoayed. Kh. gency, atevedorl ng, tally contractor.

ICl DTS Oatacheckar; else Commun lelltlons; Wr ight Air Condition ing ; Ca rdkey Syslem; E. an; Kyocera: IPC. m. Principal Ban*ers: Na tional Senk 0 1 Bahrain; 8ank of Bahrlin & Kuwa 't. AI Ahlta Commerc ial Bank: BanQue Pa, ibes Sale. turnover "" USS'OOO 25,000 Prlnelpal Sharehold8rs: Hameed AI Noon. Hassan AI Nooh. ietor) PO Bo. 1322. Manlme Dare 01 Esra/;IJlshmenl. : 537637 ALMOAYYEO, YOUSUF KHALIL , & SONS WLL PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Shipping and lorward lng ,genII. Ilr earlt(}. 3. Atmoayyed Bldg .

Sweden; Kosan AS, Denmark; lanussi, Italy; Leon Guilbert. France; FAC Metal, Taiwan; W Warne, USA; Selin Group. Taiwan; W Clasmann. USA; Bosch, Germany; Dalworth Tank, USA; Nova Comet, Italy; Viking Pump. USA; Koetser, USA; Dover Int, Holland; Raywall, USA Branch Ollices: Alhasan Bldg, Diplomatic Area. Manama; Sitra Subsidiary Companies: M A Alhasan General Trading & Airport Service Station; Mandarin Chinese Restaurant Principal Bankers: British Bank of the Middle East; Standard Chartered Bank PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Instalment credit & leasing Branch Ollices: Manama; Muharraq; Issa Town Subsidiary Companies: National Motor Company WLL; Cash Count Discount Card; Cashcount Travel WLL; Tas'heelat Exchange Co Principal Bankers: Banque Pari bas; Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait; National Bank of Bahrain Financial In/ormation: 1992 1991 USS'OOO USS'Ooo 19,000 50,000 Sales turnover 2,000 3,300 Profit 26,500 26,500 Authorised capital 17,500 17,500 Paid-up capital 80,000 37,000 Total assets Principal Shareholders: Mohammed Bin Ali AI Hasan Date of Establishment: 1962 Principal Shareholders: Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait; National Bank of Bahrain; General Organisation for Social Insurance No of Employees: 150 Date 0/ Establishment: 1983 BAHRAIN HILTON No of Employees: 41 PO Box 1090, Manama Tel: 535000 Cable: Hiltels Bahrain Telex: 8288 Hilton BN Te/efax: 533097, 532071 BAHRAIN DANISH DAIRY CO WLL PO Box 601, Manama Tel: 591591 Cable: Badadco Telex: 8590 Te/e/ax: 591150 Senior Executives: Emmanuel Matsakis (General Manager), Mohanan Cheriyan (Comptroller), Mohammed Farid (Director of Sales).

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