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By Leopoldo Nachbin

Trans. shape the Portuguese through Richard M. Aron

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Wj (169) This topic will not be pursued farther here; enough has been presented to give some idea of the kind of adjustments that can be performed on sample data and the basic principles involved in the procedures. Suggested Reading 1. Anderson, Paul H. Distributions in stratified sampling. Ann. Math. Stat. 13: 42-52. 1942. 2. Bartlett, M. S. Subsampling for attributes. Jour. Roy. Stat. Soc. Suppl. 4: 131-135. 1937. 3. Cochran, W. G. The use of analysis of variance in enumeration by sampling. Jour.

This gives bi[cnS(xf) + Ci2S(xix2)J + b2 £nS(xix2) + Ci2S(x|)] « CnS(xiy) + Ci2S(x2y) (125) MATHEMATICS OP SAMPLING 35 If Cn and Ci2 are so chosen that CnS(xf) + Ci2S( X1X2) = 1 (126) CnS(xiX2) + Ci2S(x|) = 0 the estimate of hi is given by bi = CnS(xiy) + Ci2S(x2y) (127) From the standpoint of computation, all that is required is to solve the simulta- neous equations (126) for Cn and Ci2 and to use equation (127) to get the numer- ical value of bi. The value of b2 can be estimated in similar fashion.

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