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Алекса́ндр Македо́нский (Александр III Великий, 356 — 323 гг. до н. э.) — македонский царь с 336 до н. э. из династии Аргеадов, великий полководец, создатель мировой державы, распавшейся после его смерти. В западной историографии более известен как Алекса́ндр Вели́кий.В 334 до н. э. Александр отправился в свой знаменитый поход в Азию, а было ему только 18 лет. Результатом похода явилось создание огромной империи, простиравшейся от реки Истр (совр. Дунай) в Европе до реки Ганг в Индии.

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To prevent rust, they were forced to scour all their iron equipment daily. Elephants of War In India, Alexander’s army had to devise new strategies to deal with war elephants. This manuscript illustration of elephants in battle is from a 15th century French history book. 51 E M P I R E O F A L E X A N D E R T H E G R E AT To cross the rivers, Alexander’s troops made rafts out of their tents by stuffing them with straw and piled their belongings on top. Some soldiers were swept away by the raging waters.

At the same time, the newly returned king began a number of projects aimed at improving trade and expanding the empire’s routes of commerce. He had wells dug in dry areas and ordered the building of allweather roads and bridges—although these plans were never realized before his death and were abandoned afterward as others took control of his lands. He gave large rewards to surviving soldiers who had remained loyal to him and also repaid the debts many of his soldiers had incurred. ADOPTED MOTHER One of Alexander’s closest friendships was with Sisygambis, the mother of King Darius III of Persia.

Only three years after he first invaded Asia Minor, he was hailed as the new Great King of Persia and Lord of Asia—the ruler of all Persian lands. But as long as Darius III was alive, he remained a threat to Alexander’s rule. As soon as Alexander was able to break away from the fighting at Gaugamela, he began his pursuit of Darius. Alexander pursued the older king through the night, but Darius escaped into the mountains. Alexander decided to wait, rather than to push through dangerous mountain passes where troops still loyal to Darius could ambush the Macedonians.

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