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The homes are divided into three categories. The 'A' schemes provide sheltered accommodation in which individuals live independently in their own home but have access to a local warden in case of need. 'B' schemes provide meals, laundry service and the general care of residents. Finally, 'C' schemes are for the sick, frail and handicapped (Nyanguru, 1985). There has been a very rapid increase in the number of homes for the African aged after independence.

This was already a reflection of the migration of large numbers of younger people either to the nation's large cities or out of the country altogether. The movement of younger people left an increasing percentage of elderly within the peasant society. A massive increase in the gross numbers of elderly is forecast. Taking 1980 as the 100 index, by the year 2005 the 60 to 74 age band index is expected to reach 219; the 75 and over age band would be 211; and the index of the total population just 204.

Her relatives and kin live nearby. In 1982, the death of Yoshiko's eldest daughter gave her a great shock and initiated her symptoms of senile dementia. Parkinson's disease was 32 To support the family added in 1990 to aggravate the dementia. The daughter-in-law became so exhausted that she began to join the family caregiver school in Luther Home. While taking the two month course, she learned care techniques and shared her problems and distress with her classmates. A health nurse at the centre worked as a coordinator to ease her situation.

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