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By E. A. Wallis Budge

Sums up all that's identified approximately magic in historic Egypt: the function of magic in controlling the gods, strong amulets that warded off evil spirits, scarabs of immortality, use of wax photos, formulation and spells, the key identify, a lot more.

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33:1 The Bennu bird is usually identified with the phoenix. 33:2 Brit. , No. 10,477, sheet 13. 33:3 See sheet 21. 34:1 See Chapter VI. (Magical Ceremonies). 35:1 King Teta is said to "live like the scarab" (Teta, line 89); and in it is said, "Pepi is the son of the Scarab which is born in Hetepet under the hair of the northern Iusâas" (Pepi, line 422). 37:1 See J. O. Westwood, Introduction to the Modern Classification of Insects, London, 1839, vol. i. p. 204 ff. 37:2 See my Mummy, p. 233. 39:1 See Joachim, Das älteste Buch über Heilkunde, Berlin, 1800, p.

And by the royal command Âba-aner's wife was seized, and having been led to the north side of the palace was burnt, and her ashes were cast into the stream. Here then we have already in the IIIrd dynasty the existence of a belief that a wax crocodile, over which certain words p. 70 had been said, could change itself into a living reptile at pleasure, and that a man could be made by the same means to live at the bottom of a stream for seven days without air. We may also notice that the great priestly official, the kher heb, was so much in the habit of performing such acts of magic that he kept in a room a box of materials and instruments always ready for the purpose; and, apparently, neither himself, nor his king, nor his servant, thought the working of magic inconsistent with his high religious office.

Plate 2) the Ânkh rises from the Tet, and the arms which project from it support the disk of the sun as here seen. This amulet is made of p. 59 various substances, and was chiefly employed as a pendant of a necklace. 14. , and represents a musical instrument; it was made of carnelian, red stone, red porcelain, and the like, and was a very favourite form for the pendants of necklaces and strings of beads. 15. THE AMULET OF THE SERPENT'S HEAD, This amulet was placed on the dead body to keep it from being bitten by snakes in the underworld or tomb.

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