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YOKATTA - WA... しゅっぱつ By the way, when are you leaving? ところで、出 発 はいつですか? TOKORO - DE, SHUPPATSU - WA ITSU - DESU - KA? らいしゅう か よ う び Leo: Next Tuesday. レオ: 来 週 の火曜日です。 RAISHŪ - NO ま さ き KAYŌBI - DESU. Masaki That’s very soon, isn’t it? We’ll miss you. 政木の妻: もうすぐね。さびしくなるわ。 MŌ - SUGU - NE. SABISHIKU - NARU - WA. ” SHUPPATSU means “departure”. ~ WA ITSU – DESU KA? is an expression to ask the date and time. ■■ ■■ Lesson 93 I wish you all the best! Sayonara, Nippon (3) けっこん Leo: Aki, when are you getting married?

LEO!... ” It‟s a casual greeting to use when you welcome guests to your home. ■■ ■■ Lesson 48 Wow, I can’t believe it! Birthday party (2) しん みか: わあ、信じられない! Mika: Wow, I can’t believe it! WĀ, SHINJI - RARE - NAI!.  くうこう あ You’re Leo who I met at the airport, aren’t you? Leo: Thank you very much for your help that time. 空港で会ったレオね。 KŪKŌ - DE ATTA LEO - NE. とき レオ: あの時はありがとうございました。 ANO - TOKI - WA ARIGATŌ - GOZAI - MASHITA. し あ あき: 知り合いだったの? Aki: Do you know each other? SHIRIAI - DATTA - NO? みか: そうなの。 Mika: Yes, we do.

You can explain where you have a pain simply by replacing NODO with another part of the body. 46 ■■ ■■ Lesson 71 I should be alright if I get some sleep. At the hospital (3) か ぜ みか: レオ、ただの風邪でよかったわね。 LEO, TADA - NO Mika: Leo, it’s good that you only have a cold. KAZE - DE YOKATTA - WA - NE. ほんとう レオ: ええ、本当に・・・。 Leo: Yes, it is… Ē, HONTŌ - NI... やす みか: あとは、ゆっくり休んでね。 ATO - WA, YUKKURI ね YASUN - DE - NE. だいじょうぶ レオ: はい。寝れば大丈夫です。 HAI. NERE - BA DAIJŌBU - DESU. Mika: So now you should take a good rest.

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