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The once a year magazine Dumbarton Oaks Papers was once based in 1941 for the ebook of articles in relation to past due vintage, early medieval, and Byzantine civilization within the fields of paintings and structure, heritage, archeology, literature, theology, legislation, and the auxiliary disciplines. a number of maps, tables, illustrations, and colour plates supply supplementary details for plenty of of the articles.

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Leone (Leipzig, 1972). 66 This can be seen best in the epistolary collections of churchmen, many of whose correspondents had little or no classical training; see further Mullett, “The Classical Tradition,” 92, and A. R. Littlewood, “A Statistical Survey of the Incidence of Repeated Quotations in Selected Byzantine Letter-Writers,” in Duffy A. R. LITTLEWOOD 33 for the bereaved must be drawn largely from Christian convictions—yet this letter of Tzetzes is completely devoid of biblical allusions while at the same time drawing extensively on pagan writers, such as Homer, Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Plutarch, and Plato.

C. Maddison and W. L. Walker, “Factors Affecting the Outcome of Conjugal Bereavement,” British Journal of Psychiatry 113 (1967): 1057–67. However, no Byzantine letter writer, to my knowledge, encourages the expression of anger. For a general study of anger and its practical outlet in aggression, see K. Lorenz, Das sogenannte Bo¨se: Zur Naturgeschichte der Aggression (Vienna, 1963). Lorenz demonstrates how deep-rooted this emotion is in humans in comparison with other animals, a connection first seriously studied, in a much larger context, by Charles Darwin in The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals (London, 1872).

Westerink (Leipzig, 1968), 1: no. 22. 44 A. R. LITTLEWOOD 29 pathy for any weakness; we must hope that he knew his man, but in any case his letter allows us to know him a little better. A world away in tone is a brief letter of consolation by an anonymous protonotarios, possibly Symeon Metaphrastes,46 to a friend who has lost his mother. ” Having thus gently excused his friend’s grief and allowed his mind to linger on his mother’s virtues, the writer reminds him firmly that they (the sympathetic use of the first person plural should be noted here, as so often elsewhere) are not the first to suffer such a loss, since it is of human nature to die.

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