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"Digital Sonar layout in Underwater Acoustics rules and purposes" presents complete and up to date assurance of study on sonar layout, together with the fundamental idea and methods of electronic sign processing, easy inspiration of knowledge concept, ocean acoustics, underwater acoustic sign propagation conception, and underwater sign processing idea. This ebook discusses the overall layout method and ways to implementation, the layout technique, procedure simulation idea and strategies, sonar exams within the laboratory, lake and sea, and useful validation standards and strategies for electronic sonar layout. it really is meant for researchers within the fields of underwater sign processing and sonar layout, and likewise for military officials and ocean explorers. Qihu Li is a professor on the Institute of Acoustics, chinese language Academy of Sciences, and an academician of the chinese language Academy of Sciences.

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3) Fold system (Fig. 49) This is a time variant system because y( n - k) = x( -n + k) , but the time delay of y(n) is x(-n-k)-=l-x(-n+k). (4) Modulation (Fig. 50) This is clearly a time variant system. In practical application, as well as the linear, time invariant system, there are many non-linear, time variant systems. 3 y Characteristics of Digital Signals in Time Domain and Frequency Domain x(n) 41 y(n)~7x(n) n (b) (a) x(n) _~ y(n)~:(-n) ~ (d) (e) Fig. 17. Examples of time-varying and non-time-varying digital filters.

2. Random Gaussian noise generated by computer. (a) Samples in time domain; (b) Probability distribution Analogue r - - - - - - - , Signal Anti-aliasing filtering Fig. 3. 1 AID converter Digital signal Digitization of an analogue signal Signal Sampling First, let us examine signal quantization in time domain sampling. We are interested only in equal time duration sampling. Fig. 4 illustrates the example of sampling a sinusoid signal. The signal frequency is f and the sampling duration is 1'8. 1) 22 2 Basic Theory of Digital Signal Processing where A is the amplitude of the signal and B represents the random phase.

The use of large quantities of the same DSP chips reduces the number of printed circuit boards with different designs, making maintenance easier. (6) It is possible to realize an online fault test with the use of programmable DSP chips. Therefore, fault diagnosis can be carried out in real time and the position of failures can be located precisely. Today, in a digital sonar system, an online fault test can locate the failure level to a printed board or even a lower level. An early warning of a fault in the main DSP chips is possible.

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