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Los angeles ocasión los angeles pintan calva, Quedarse de piedra, Aunque los angeles mona se vista de seda, Roma no paga a los traidores, Andar con cien ojos, Zapatero a tus zapatos… Por más que haya quien se empeñe en que los clásicos brillen por su ausencia en los planes de estudio, su presencia entre nosotros es tan persistente que muchas veces ni siquiera somos conscientes de ella. Esta obra pretende romper una lanza en su desire, para que el lector tome conciencia de los angeles importancia y l. a. repercusión que las civilizaciones griega y romana han tenido y siguen teniendo en nuestros días.

 Si con Peccata minuta pudimos comprobar el gran número de latinismos que pueblan nuestra lengua, en esta ocasión los mismos autores intentan demostrar que un buen número de frases hechas y expresiones que usamos con mucha frecuencia encuentran su origen o su explicación en realidades históricas, culturales literarias o mitológicas de l. a. Antigüedad clásica.

Por ello, se recopilan un ramillete de frases, escogidas con criterios como su frecuencia en nuestra lengua o el uso erróneo que se hace de algunas de ellas y las acompañan de un ameno e instructivo recorrido cultural por el mundo clásico.

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As noted above, part of the challenge of the quantitative phase of this research is the coding of signs according to named languages. In this context, the question centres on the potential to code ‘Corsica’ in one of three ways, since not only is it the Corsican term for the island’s name, but it is also the English and the Italian term. Despite its resonance in English and Italian, we argue that in the LL of Corsica, this term should be coded as ‘Corsican’, not least because of its presence and usage in daily island life.

As we have already argued, the viewer understands the language of the sign differently, depending on a number of factors, including their experience of language(s) and their nationality. Proper names which index a place on Corsica or Sardinia, for example, we uncontroversially code as Corsican or Sardinian. More challenging is how to classify the surnames used as business names. We propose to adopt the approach we set out regarding the Language of Representation (Tufi and Blackwood, 2010, p. 207) and code these names as part of the named language, since the surnames resonate as Sicilian, Catalan, or Genoese to a local audience.

In fact, dialects maintain a high degree of vitality in Italy, as recent surveys show. Geographical differences in terms of usage persist, and both context and interlocutor remain significant variables in language behaviour. The current configuration of linguistic repertoires is rather Sketching the Contexts: Italy and France 23 complex because dialectal varieties and varieties of Italian have multiplied as a result of ever larger masses of Italians being brought up speaking and being educated in Italian on the one hand, and non-standard varieties incorporating standard expressions which make them viable means of communication on the other.

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