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By Hilary White

Many kids desire distinctive help and encouragement to assist boost their literacy talents. This ebook comprises attempted and verified actions to enhance listening, verbal reasoning, and language abilities in children and indicates you the way to show conception into enjoyable, useful rules for the school room. the writer exhibits tips to hyperlink actions to the Early studying ambitions and the nationwide Literacy procedure and the ebook comprises: Lesson actions utilizing puppets, nursery rhymes, tale packing containers, and imagine books feedback for utilizing role-play rules for organizing your play surroundings to inspire literacy-related play review directions Lists of assets a variety of photocopiable fabric

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29 9458 CHAP 2 p20-37 18/3/05 12:11 pm Page 30 DEVELOPING LITERACY SKILLS IN THE EARLY YEARS Step 1 ■ Choose two or three familiar objects, such as a pencil, a cup and a sock, and allow the children to handle and explore them. ★ ■ Pick up one of the objects, such as the pencil, look at it and then say – ‘I spy with my little eye something beginning with p’. ■ Ask a child to name the object you are holding. ■ Reiterate that pencil begins with the sound p and ask the children to repeat the sound.

Help the children to find the letter in their name cards or the name of a familiar storybook character. ■ Repeat the process with the other letters. TIPS You can also use the initial letters from items linked to a particular topic. Show the children a word card or find the word in a book, identify the initial sound and introduce the corresponding textured letter. ’ 39 9458 CHAP 3 p38-54 18/3/05 12:12 pm Page 40 DEVELOPING LITERACY SKILLS IN THE EARLY YEARS ★ TIPS Keep reminding the children to feel the letter in the way it is written and repeat its sound.

You may need to practise the game a few times, before the children become familiar with it. CURRICULUM GUIDANCE Green stepping stones: hear and say the initial sound in words and know which letters represent some of the sounds ELG: link sounds to letters … sounding the letters of the alphabet NLS/WORD: knowledge of grapheme/phoneme correspondences through: reading letters that represent the sounds a–z, ch, sh, th 44 9458 CHAP 3 p38-54 18/3/05 12:12 pm Page 45 MATCHING SOUND AND SYMBOL Letter identification games These games encourage the children to practise and reinforce their knowledge of sound and letter links.

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