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By Manfred Gross

Книга посвящена северной части Западного Вала, подробно описывает историю строительства, географию и конструкцию сооружений, вооружение и оборудование. Масса графического материала, карт, схем и чертежей представляют интерес для читателя, не владеющего немецким языком.

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Foster, a former secretary of state and a grandfather of a future one, John Foster Dulles, led the way in establishing some new rules. Poison gas was outlawed, but the powers could not agree on other new frightening weapons—the submarine, the aerial balloon, the airplane, or the battleship. The admirals and generals refused to ban these modern instruments of destruction. They thought that the advantages they could gain from using these weapons would outweigh any dangers which might ensue. The Hague Conference made a start in creating a predictable world through the codification of international law.

Ambassador Edwin Conger and railroad promoters James Hill and Edward H. Harriman remembered the bitter debate in 1898 before taking the Philippines. Although they longed for the riches of the East, they recalled how President William McKinley had been forced to promise that the United States eventually would offer independence to the Philippines. If the American public had to be fooled in this way into accepting the “responsibilities of empire,” then the future of imperial America seemed dim. There was one way, however, that the United States matched the other world powers.

Six weeks after taking over the State Department, Bryan served White Rock water and grape juice, but no wine or liquor, at a farewell reception for Britain’s ambassador. “Grape juice diplomacy” became a derisive phrase among Bryan’s detractors. ” For all of his midwestern naiveté, Bryan as much as Wilson believed that the United States occupied a special place in God’s favor. When it came to explaining their duties to foreigners, he obediently followed his chief’s instructions. After he resigned in 1915, his place was taken by a more traditional diplomat, Robert Lansing, a well-connected but nonpolitical lawyer.

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