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By Michael H. Crawford (auth.), Michael H. Crawford (eds.)

While the former volumes during this sequence have been established upon methodol­ ogy, thought, and the connection among ecology and inhabitants constitution, this ebook might be seen as an in-depth case examine. The inhabitants genetics of a mess of various teams geographically allotted during the global used to be tested within the first volumes. against this, this quantity focuses upon a unmarried ethnic staff, the Black Caribs (Garifuna) of relevant the US and St. Vincent Island, and explores the interrelationships one of the ethnohistory, sociocultural features, demography, morphology, and genetic constitution of the gang. This quantity deals a huge and extensive therapy of the Black Caribs and their interactions with surrounding populations. My curiosity within the genetics of the Black Caribs was once sparked by way of an unintentional assembly in Amsterdam, Holland, in March 1975. a talk with Nancie Gonzalez on the utilized Anthropology conferences printed the "truth-is-stranger­ than·fiction" background of the Black Carib peoples of the Caribbean. This was once a inhabitants with a small-sized founding team and a special organic good fortune tale. Nancie Gonzalez used to be quite attracted to estimating the Carib Indian admixture within the modern Garifuna inhabitants. Given my earlier experi­ ence in estimating Spanish and African admixture within the Tlaxcaltecan inhabitants (whose gene pool consisted predominantly of Indian alleles), a bunch that seemed to be essentially African with a few Indian admixture used to be of significant curiosity. other than the ethnohistorical curiosity, i feel that the sort of inhabitants may perhaps upload significantly to our figuring out of the inheritance of advanced morphological traits.

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9 HIJIOrl(: mtlaQaft If" 10. of p1aVUfOY 1"Id. b4. b4tg11'll"'ng of jllaza 3. dino MAP 8. Tornabe, Honduras, barrio subdivisions, approximate for 1976. After King (1976). 32 WILLIAM V. DAVIDSON village of about 1800 inhabitants, has five locally recognized internal sections, including one recently occupied by Ladino migrants [see Map 8 and King (1976)] . Clearly, it is through the agency of family-related activities of the compound that Garifuna maintain their cultural continuity. Within the borders of the compounds children receive their socialization and attachment to family, adult females gather for processing cassava and food preparation, and barrio residents sponsor dance groups (Fig.

16 WILLIAM V. DAVIDSON mainland within a couple of years, Punta Gorda apparently remained settled until the present. 2. The Trujillo Core, 1797-1810 Bewildered by the sudden presence of shiploads of recently warring people deposited on their colonial doorstep, the Spanish government in Guatemala City dispatched a small force to reconnoiter the situation on Roatan. Jose Rossi y Rubi, commander of the expedition, quickly arranged a peaceful transfer of most of the Garifuna to the adjacent coast near Trujillo (Rossi y Rubi, 1797).

R. GULLICK 2. Prior to 1797 The period before 1797 saw the origins of the Black Caribs and the battles against the European colonists by them and the Yellow Caribs. Information on the history and population numbers before the British annexation of St. Vincent in 1763 is sparse. As I have demonstrated elsewhere (Gullick, 1978b), the black component of the Black Caribs could have come at any time during the period 1517-1646, but was probably a gradual phenomenon that has continued to the present day.

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