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By Anton Abraham Cense, E.M. Uhlenbeck

At the finishing touch of this bibliography, the second one of the deliberate sequence on language research in Indonesia, the authors recognize with gratitude the sort suggestions of pop Donatus Dunselman, Dr A. H. Hill and Dr P. Voorhoeve who've learn all or a part of the manuscript. additionally our heartfelt thank you are because of those that have supplied us with info necessary for the compilation of the bibliographical facts, or have given us the chance to examine their data for linguistic literature on Borneo, i.e. the very Rev. A. Antonissen, Jesselton, North Borneo, Father W. Boon, Rector of the Catholic undertaking, Mukah, Sarawak, Dr N. C. Scott, the Society for selling Christian wisdom, London, the British and international Bible Society, London, the college of Oriental and African reviews, London, the Basle challenge, Basle, Switzerland, the Rhenish venture, Wuppertal, Germany, the Dutch Bible Society, Amsterdam. The authors significantly enjoy the supply from the Netherland Institute for overseas Cultural kin which made this public­ ation possible.

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It is rather striking to observe that the sentences and the stories do not show the great variety of morphological elements which is characteristic for North Borneo M urut. In view of the scarcity of our data a "genealogy" of the Tidung dialects as given by Beech seems premature. The about 450 words of the wordlist published by Aernout in 1885 (199) generally, but not always, agree with the Tarakan words given by Beech; Aernout collected his material during voyages along the coast. In his preface to the vocabulary published in 1916 (200) Van Genderen Stort remarks that he had come into contact with five dialects, viz.

JSBRAS 5 (1880) p. 125-156. 44 H. S. Dido for the suppression of piracy; with extracts from the journal of James Brooke, Esq. of Sarawak. London 1846. Vol. , vo1. II, VIII 237 CX pp. maps. + + + + + Vol. I, App. II Philology, p. XII-XXVI vocabularies of Malay, Suntah, Sow, Sibnow, Sakarran, Meri, Millanow, Malo, Kayan. 45 W. HOWELL and D. Singapore 1900. XII J. S. BAILEY, A Sea Dyak Dictionary. + 186 + 24 pp. The Appendix contains proverbs, riddles, songs, invocations, prayers and some groups of words systematically arranged.

The two brief publications by Grabowsky (315, 316), do not contain much that is new: merely a few terms of relationship and a number 45 of riddles and sayings copied from Hardeland's grammar, which are also found in part in Hupe's article. In several publications (317,318,5) by Mallinckrodt quite a number of terms used in customary law occur; in 1928 he published together with his wife the text of a priestly chant with a translation and notes (319). This chant has also been published at a later date by Scharer in his important thesis (320), however, not in ordinary Ngaju as the Mallinckrodts did, but mostly in the "sacred language", the Basa Sangiang.

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