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By Charles C. Price (auth.), Charles C. Price, Edwin J. Vandenberg (eds.)

Edwin J. Vandenberg, many years researcher on the study heart of Hercules included, used to be the 1981 winner of the yank Chemical Society Award in Polymer Chemistry, backed by means of the Witco Chemical Corp. Following is the quotation of the accomplishments which resulted in this award. "In attractiveness of his pioneering learn that complicated polymer technological know-how and that resulted in the invention and improvement of isotactic polypropylene, epichlorohydrin and propylene oxide elastomers, new polymerization catalysts, and the hydrogen approach to controlling molecular weights of Ziegler polyolefins." It was once my excitement to rearrange a symposium to have a good time this award on the Atlanta assembly of the yank Chemical Society on March 30, 1981. In contemplating the large variety of Vandenberg's contributions to polymer chemistry, it used to be made up our minds to settle on the topic of "Coordination Polymerization" for the symposium. This region is either one to which Vandenberg has made significant contributions and one in all nice commercial and clinical curiosity. considering that Vandenberg has been fascinated by coordination polymerization in either ring-opening and a-olefin sort polymerizations, either have been coated within the symposium, whose software follows. 1. "The Polymerization of 1,2-Epoxides Catalyzed through the Condensation items of Metal-Containing Compounds with Alkylphosphates", T. Nakata, study Laboratories, Osaka Soda Co., Ltd., nine Otakasu-cho, Amagasaki urban, Hyogo Pref. 660, Japan.

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One approach was to use a catalyst which would polymerize TMSGE directly to isotactic polymer. For this we tried the Teyssie-osgan Al-Zn catalyst, specifically (n-BuO)2Al-OZn-o-Al(O n-Bu)2 kindly supplied by Professor Teyssie, which gives isotactic polymer with propylene oxide 8l • However, the Teyssie-Osgan catalyst does not polymerize this particular epoxide. Apparently, there are side reactions with the trimethylsilyloxy group which destroy this catalyst. Clearly then, this is further evidence that our chelate catalyst is a particularly preferred species for epoxide polymerization and copolymerization.

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