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By Al Ewing

Welcome to the BATTLEREALM--a damaged part of space-time the place cosmic beings gamble for the final word strength whereas their unwilling pawns struggle for his or her lives and an opportunity to come back again to Earth. Who will survive... the competition OF CHAMPIONS?

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It follows that whatever is contrary to these principles is contrary to the divine wisdom and consequently could not be true. Between a reason coming from God and a revelation coming from the same God there must necessarily be agreement. 46 Let us say, then, that faith teaches truths that seem contrary to reason; let us not say that it teaches propositions contrary to reason. 47 We should also believe that the apparent inconsistencies between faith and reason are reconciled in the infinite wisdom of God.

Theology is the science of truths necessary for salvation. Now, all truths are not necessary for this purpose; and therefore God did not need to reveal truths about creatures that we are able to learn by ourselves and are not necessary for salvation. 54 The philosopher studies fire as it is in itself; the theologian sees in fire an image of the divine power. There is room, then, for the philosopher's point of view along side that of the believer (philosophus fidelis), and there is no reason for reproaching theology for passing over in silence many of the properties of things; for example, the shape of the sky or the nature of its motion.

The distinction between the revealed and the revealable remains intact. In cases where the object of faith transcends the powers of natural reason a special illumination is needed on the part of God in order to obtain the mind's assent to the revealed truth. But it should not be forgotten that for all true knowledge (in omni cognitione veritatis) human thought requires divine cooperation. 78 There is perhaps no other Thomistic thesis more completely lost sight of in the course of controversies (sterile to be sure) carried on in philosophy over the relationship between reason and faith.

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