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By Michael C. Hickey

How greater to appreciate background than throughout the phrases of these who lived it? Competing Voices from the Russian Revolution: battling phrases provides files that underscore the intense richness of public dialogue approximately key occasions and matters in the course of the 1917 Russian Revolution, one of many pivotal occasions in sleek historical past. conscientiously edited and annotated, the records support make clear the problems whereas revealing the vast variety of how during which Russians understood the occasions unfolding round them. targeting public rhetoric and debate in Russia from the outbreak of global struggle I in 1914 in the course of the dissolution of the Constituent meeting in January 1918, the files current the perspectives not just of key political figures, but additionally of standard males and women—mothers, squaddies, manufacturing unit staff, peasants, scholars, businesspeople, and knowledgeable pros.

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Or it could be from professional conceit or obstinacy. But he clings to the wheel and won’t let go for anyone. What can be done now? Force him to give up his place? That might work were this a rustic cart or if these were ordinary times along a flat, quiet road. Then perhaps it would seem like salvation. But could it be done on this steep slope, on this mountain road? Would you have the dexterity or strength? In fact, his hands are on the wheel. He is driving the car now, and one wrong turn or awkward movement of his hands and the car is wrecked.

Historians sometimes call the Socialist Revolutionaries (SRs) a “peasants’ party,” but they had strong support among workers, students, and educated professionals. Like the Social Democrats, the SRs were divided into factions that differed over tactical issues. The war amplified these divisions: some senior SR leaders supported the war, while others vigorously condemned it. The authors of this leaflet belonged to an antiwar faction. Note that they use the term “democracy” to refer to the nonpropertied social classes.

34 But now they are no longer in the cabinet. And for practical purposes, gentlemen, does it matter if this is a matter of stupidity or reason? When you wait a whole year for an offensive in Romania, make preparations, and then—at the decisive moment—we have neither the troops nor a way to move them quickly because of bottlenecks on the roads—so yet again you have lost a good chance to strike a decisive blow in the Balkans—how do you explain it? Is it stupidity or treason? ”) When, having been warned repeatedly .

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