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By Inge Bartning, Maisa Martin, Ineke Vedder

The typical ecu Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) has turn into the yardstick for instructing and checking out language talents in Europe and in different places. but little is understood concerning the relationships among the communicative degrees validated utilizing the can-do statements of the CEFR and the developmental phases of grammatical and lexical improvement defined through moment Language Acquisition (SLA) learn. This booklet offers empirical study by way of participants of the SLATE community (Second Language Acquisition and trying out in Europe), aimed toward bridging this hole. The reports take care of numerous objective languages, together with Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian and Spanish, with grownup, adolescent and baby newbies in either formal and casual contexts.

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Commands vocabulary and structures required for a relatively wide range of writing. Can express coordination and subordination. >>> Can write a few paragraphs of structured text (lecture notes, brief summaries and accounts based on a clear discussion or presentation). Can provide some supporting detail to the main ideas and keep the reader in mind. Can write personal and even more public messages, describing news and expressing his/her thoughts about familiar abstract and cultural topics, such as music or films.

Furthermore, if there are enough raters, a rater who is too idiosyncratic can be removed from further data analysis by using the multifaceted Rasch analysis program FACETS. The use of several tasks and raters also gives SLA researchers more options in how they define the data from which they draw conclusions about language learning. It is possible to include in the analyses only those learners or task performances whose rating fulfils specific quality criteria and leave out from the analyses those learners whose rating is considered too unreliable or otherwise problematic.

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