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In way of life there doesn't appear to be whatever strange in talking of the "character" of colours. We may well communicate of a fragile blue, a brilliant purple, a full of life yellow, a naive eco-friendly. shades suggest anything to us; they've got a type of character, roughly to be in comparison with the human character. the traditional Egyptian note wn for "color" later got here to intend additionally the nature of a residing being (8z, 414). Mantegazza even speaks of the "soul" of a colour. an excellent instance of the depth with which colours should be skilled is the next citation from Sartre (204, 25). An artist coming from a restaurant enters the sunlit road: "toutes les couleurs s'etaient allumees en meme temps et lui faisaient fete, comme en 29, c'etait le bal de los angeles Redoute, le Camaval, l. a. Fan tasia; les gens et les obj ets s' etaient congestionnes; le violet d'une gown se viola

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Of extreme importance, psychologically, is the relation between the emotional effect of the colors and the character of the observer. This principle is put into practice in the many personality tests in which colors are used. The best known example of these tests is the Rorschach-test in which color is seen in a special relation with emotional life. Other examples are the Mosaic Test (96), Finger Painting (n5), the Color Pyramid Test (Pfister, I39), the diagnostic use made of color drawing and painting, etc.

Until the fourth century in the Roman Catholic churches white was used chiefly; after that time several colors were used freely. lnnocentius 111 restricted the number to white, red, green and black, and during the thirteenth century purple was added. Now each of these colors is designated to be used exclusively on specificied occasions. Very few exceptions to this rule are known, and in those cases special dispensation has to be obtained. The following meanings are attached to the five liturgical colors (30).

Is this order of preference really universal, or does it vary according to race, nation, sex, age, etc.? In order to answer these questions the nurober of subjects in the experiments was constantly increased. While Cohn worked with a small selected group of only 14 male psychologists, mostly between the ages of 20 and 30, the nurober of subjects in later experiments was increased to some 500 or even 1000. Preferences were studied in young and older children, students, mert and women, aged people, psychopaths and psychotics, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Mexicans, Negroes, etc.

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