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Clojure in Action is a hands-on educational for the operating programmer who has written code in a language like Java or Ruby, yet has no earlier adventure with Lisp. It teaches Clojure from the fundamentals to complex themes utilizing functional, real-world program examples. Blow throughout the conception and dive into useful concerns like unit-testing and setting set-up, throughout development a scalable web-application utilizing domain-specific languages, Hadoop, HBase, and RabbitMQ.
About the Technology
Clojure is a latest Lisp for the JVM, and it has the strengths you'd anticipate: top notch services, macros, help for sensible programming, and a Lisp-like, fresh programming style.
About this Book
Clojure in Action is a realistic advisor taken with employing Clojure to sensible programming demanding situations. You'll commence with a language educational written for readers who already be aware of OOP. Then, you'll dive into the use circumstances the place Clojure fairly shines: nation administration, secure concurrency and multicore programming, top notch code iteration, and Java interop. In every one bankruptcy, you'll first discover the original features of an issue region after which notice the right way to take on them utilizing Clojure. alongside the way in which, you'll discover useful issues like structure, unit trying out, and set-up as you construct a scalable net software that comes with customized DSLs, Hadoop, HBase, and RabbitMQ.

buy of the print booklet comes with a proposal of a loose PDF, ePub, and Kindle e-book from Manning. additionally to be had is all code from the book.
What's Inside* A fast moving Clojure tutorial
* growing net providers with Clojure
* Scaling via messaging
* growing DSLs with Clojure's macro system
* Test-driven improvement with Clojure
* disbursed programming with Clojure and more

This ebook assumes you're conversant in an OO language like Java, C#, or C++, yet calls for no heritage in Lisp or Clojure itself.

Table of Contents<ol><h5>PART 1 GETTING STARTED</h5> * creation to Clojure
* A whirlwind tour
* development blocks of Clojure
* Polymorphism with multimethods
* Clojure and Java interop
* kingdom and the concurrent world
* Evolving Clojure via macros
<h5>PART 2 GETTING actual </h5> * Test-driven improvement and more
* facts garage with Clojure
* Clojure and the web
* Scaling via messaging
* facts processing with Clojure
* extra on useful programming
* Protocols, documents, and type
* extra macros and DSLs

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The evaluation rule states that the first symbol in a list represents a function and is evaluated by treating the remaining expressions in the list as parameters. You saw this in the call to the add function previously. This simplicity is also its strength and is what makes Lisp’s famous macro system possible. Macros are tiny, inline code generators that any programmer can use to modify program code or even generate arbitrary code on the fly. This language-level construct that allows code generation and transformation at runtime (the compile phase of the runtime, to be specific) is one of the reasons why Clojure is so different from other languages and why it’s so powerful.

Start s) s) The type hint is the ^ followed by the name of the class. When the start method is called, Clojure will do so without any reflection. This is much faster than without the type hint. Typical programming workflow is to write the Clojure code, test it, and debug until you’re satisfied. Then, if performance is a concern, add type hints to your code. It’s easy and quick. EXTENSIBILITY It’s worth mentioning one final point about Clojure being hosted on the JVM. Thanks to the internal design of the language, Clojure is easily extensible.

You’ll learn a lot about macros in this book. The remainder of this section talks about Clojure’s syntax. The comparison with XML will help you realize that the unfamiliar parentheses have familiar cousins. By the time you’re finished reading this section, you’ll at least understand the reasoning behind all those parentheses. You’ll certainly be more comfortable reading Clojure code. You may even begin to see the possibilities that representing code this way provides. 1 XML and parentheses Many people get turned off at the sight of Clojure code; they complain about too many parentheses.

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