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By Susan Falls

Images of diamonds look all over the place in American tradition. and everybody who has a diamond has a narrative to inform approximately it. Our tales approximately diamonds not just exhibit what we do with those tiny stones, but in addition recommend how we create price, which means, and identification via our interactions with fabric tradition in general.

Things develop into significant via our interactions with them, yet how do humans move approximately making that means? What do we study from an ethnography concerning the construction of identification, construction of kinship, and use of diamonds in knowing selves and social relationships? through what capacity do humans situated inside of a globalized political-economy and a compelling universe of ads have interaction in the community with those tiny polished rocks?

This e-book attracts on year of fieldwork with diamond shoppers in ny urban in addition to an research of the enduring De Beers crusade that promised romance, prestige, and glamour to a person who acquired a diamond to teach that this thematic pool is only one source between many who diamond proprietors draw upon to interact with their very own stones. the amount highlights the $64000 roles that reminiscence, context, and condition additionally play in shaping how humans interpret after which use items in making own worlds. It exhibits that along with working as topics in an ad-burdened universe, shoppers are hugely inventive, idiosyncratic, and theatrical agents.

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The Fullness of Diamonds,” the concluding chapter, revisits questions opened in this introduction, reviews themes suggested by ethnographic materials, and discusses how this framework might be expanded. Reflecting on the main arguments advanced in each chapter, which are organized heuristically in terms of iconicity, indexicality, symbolism, and performance, the conclusion shifts in scale, from a close discussion of diamonds to commodities in general, to explore the larger implications of this case study.

The variation in meaning making evident within diamond narratives suggests that consuming material culture is better understood as a practice operating beyond the referential model; it is also pragmatic and rhetorical. The method I lay out to analyze diamond consumption can be used, with some modification, for virtually any commodity, in the service of different theoretical concerns, or to further investigate the claims I will be making here. Ultimately I argue for an approach that begins with understanding commodities as historically and discursively situated but that recognizes creative agency in the cultural work of the everyday.

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