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Chapter 1 Florence Nightingale—Handmaid of Civilization (pages 5–12): G. E. W. Wolstenholme
Chapter 2 reaction to Emergencies, nationwide and foreign (pages 13–24): Y. Hentsch
Chapter three the recent Priorities in Tropical medication (pages 25–36): Maurice King
Chapter four The overall healthiness Corps in Iran: An method of the higher Distribution of healthiness assets in distant parts (pages 37–54): M. Dadgar and G. Saroukhanian
Chapter five An instance of an built-in method of future health Care: The Turkish nationwide well-being providers (pages 55–76): Nusret H. Fisek
Chapter 6 Experiments in increasing the agricultural wellbeing and fitness carrier in People's China (pages 77–93): J. S. Horn
Chapter 7 Backcloth to the nationwide healthiness provider in England and Wales (pages 95–101):
Chapter eight The kin Care workforce: Philosophy, difficulties, chances (pages 103–115): Lisbeth Hockey
Chapter nine Paediatrics and the group (pages 117–127): Giulio J. Barbero
Chapter 10 Paramedical Paradoxes—Challenges and chance (pages 129–141): Timothy D. Baker
Chapter eleven New ideas in clinical schooling (pages 143–155): E. Braga
Chapter 12 Philosophy of administration: where of the pro Administrator (pages 157–166): B. L. Salmon
Chapter thirteen Teamwork at Ministry point (pages 167–176): Antonio Ordonez?Plaja
Chapter 14 psychological wellbeing and fitness Care: A growing to be drawback to groups (pages 177–190): J. A. C. De Kock Van Leeuwen
Chapter 15 Volunteers—Their Use and Misuse (pages 191–215): Alec G. Dickson
Chapter sixteen Teamwork for international wellbeing and fitness: own Conclusions and proposals (pages 217–224): F. G. younger

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2 20000 are culturally similar and have an almost identical history, both having been part of the former British Empire and later of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, yet economically and in their possibilities for medical care they differ radically. In Zambia, with an annual gross national product of $310 a head, the health services develop rapidly, if not always in the right direction, while in Malawi, with a corresponding GNP of only $5 1, they are virtually stagnant and may even be deteriorating, so great is the pressure of population increase.

S. depots are refilled when the time comes with the assistance of National Societies, If there is any money over after the close of an operation, a decision is taken in consultation with the donor National Societiesabout the use to be made of it. It is often used for rehabilitation programmes. Barbero: How do the national organizations communicate with each other about the kind of planning they do? S. by the quickest way possible. Banks: The disaster relief organization of the Red Crescent in Turkey is certainly one of the best in the world.

Banks: The disaster relief organization of the Red Crescent in Turkey is certainly one of the best in the world. They can be on the way to a disaster, fully organized with a complete team and equipment, and if necessary a hospital, within half an hour of the request arising. That brings out well the point raised on communications, and Miss Hentsch mentioned the knock-for-knock arrangements which arise as a result of such a demand. When the Turkish depot needs more stores it can indent on another depot in Eastern Europe, and so on back and back.

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