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By R Ingram, P Gallagher

Chemistry Made transparent is favourite as a center GCSE Chemistry textual content, or because the Chemistry section of a balanced technological know-how direction. scholars might be capable of finding issues out quick and simply one of the simplified reasons. * every one double-page unfold bargains with a special subject and contains questions * examination point questions on the finish of every bankruptcy * Line drawings and pictures spotlight the real-life functions of chemistry Chemistry Made transparent is additionally instructed through college of Cambridge overseas Examinations for IGCSE Chemistry.

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It killed 80 000 people within a day, and 60 000 more died within a year. Nowadays, some countries possess bombs that are 5000 times more powerful! Nuclear power The chain reaction on page 36 also has a peaceful use. In some nuclear power stations it is used for creating electricity. The chain reaction takes place in a tank called a reactor, and this time it is kept well under control. Boron can absorb neutrons, so rods of boron are placed over the reactor as control rods. They can be lowered into it to slow down the reaction, and raised again to speed it up.

5) The mass of a substance found in this way is called its formula mass, because it can be obtained by adding up the masses of the atoms in the formula. If the substance is made of molecules, its mass can also be called the relative molecular mass, or RMM. So the RMM of hydrogen is 2 and the RMM of water is 18. Here are some more examples: Atoms in formula RAM of atoms Formula mass Nitrogen 2N N=14 2x 14= 28 Ammonia 1N 3H N=14 H= 1 1 X 14= 14 3Xl = 3 Total =17 Magnesium nitrate lMg 2N 60 Mg=24 N = 14 0 =16 1 X 24= 24 2 X 14= 28 6 X 16= 96 Total =148 Substance Formula Questions 1 2 3 4 What is the relative atomic mass of an element?

That is why the elements are unreactive: The noble gases are unreactive because their atoms have full outer shells of electrons. Several of the noble gases are used in lighting. For example. xenon is used in lighthouse lamps, like this one. It gives a beautiful blue light. Questions 1 Explain why lithium, sodium and potassium have similar properties. 2 The three experiments on this page should be carried out in a fume cupboard. Why? 3 Name three elements not mentioned on these two pages, which should all behave in a similar way.

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