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"A personality rulebook, together with qualities and templates for dozens of animal shapechangers. Useable as a standalone or a crossover booklet for the entire global of Darkness product lines."

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To maintain harmony, a shapechanger can be neither too bestial nor too human in her behavior. If she gets too wild, her Nahual takes over and creeps through its human mask; if she’s too restrained, the beast retreats, and her wild talents fade. Either way, extremes breed erratic behavior. A feral who goes too far out of harmony becomes dangerous, to herself and to everyone nearby. Discord When harmony falters, discord descends. A shapechanger can be trapped in a single form, grow demented or alert other people to her twin nature.

A shapechanger must exercise each side of his nature. If either the human self or bestial Nahual dominates, the other side gets restless, often to disastrous effect. The Lost Folk A shapechanger who slips too far out of balance renounces her Changing Gift. Either she becomes an animal and forsakes humanity, or she loathes her bestial self and stays locked in human form. Both extremes become monsters — hunters of the very worst kind whose irrational hatred of their “other self” leads to violence.

Regencies: The Feral Dynasties In families known for feral blood, a proven shapechanger is precious. He may be spoiled, groomed for success, trained in special skills or even paraded in front of other feral families as an example of success. The small but influential circle of Regencies takes pride in their animal legacy. These prosperous “regal houses” emblemize their changing legacy in gorgeous heraldic crests, and affect aristocratic airs flavored with the aura of a beast. The Regal Beast Although rumors of wild birth have provided regal status for millennia, the Regencies acquired their current form in the 1600s.

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