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Voyatzoglou on the pithos makers, known as the “bandema” groups, from Thrapsano in central Crete, and the study of G. 14 P. Valavanis and his team. 15 The studies have exceeded in size the length of small articles, and recently an entire monograph by S. 16 The studies of P. Betancourt on Crete and G. 17 13 Blitzer 1984. 14 Voyatzoglou 1974, 1984; London 1987a, 1987b, 1989a, 1989b, 1991a, 1991b, 2000b. Day (1989) combines ethnographic with petrographic studies for prehistoric ceramics on Crete. Longacre (1991) and London (2000a) advocated for the need that ethnoarchaeologists record the activities of the community under study at regular intervals, every five to ten years, to obtain valuable, diachronic, comparative data.

Originally these plaques were thought to be a votive deposit from a sanctuary dedicated to Poseidon. An alternative interpretation put forward in this study regards some of the plaques as trial or apprentice 29 KILNS IN ART AND LITERATURE _____________________________________________ pieces discarded from one or more ceramic workshops in the vicinity. This explanation might account better for several oddities associated with the composition of the scenes. C. 1 In addition, some peculiar conical structures on a black-figure skyphos, the “Robinson skyphos”, have been (mis)interpreted as pottery kilns.

1999a, 1999b. On Thasos, see also Giannopoulou 1999; Gratsia 1999; Giannopoulou and Demesticha 1998 on the traditional potters and their workshops on Lesbos. 17 Betancourt 1999; London 2000c. The present author (Hasaki 2001) has completed a documentary on the traditional potting communities at Moknine in Tunisia, where pottery production extends back in the Roman period, but which are also threatened with rapid decline in their number. 10 INTRODUCTION _____________________________________________ In the 1990s the study of traditional contemporary pottery communities acquired a more institutionalized form through the foundation of local ethnographic museums, such as the Museum for Cretan Ethnology at Voroi, near Herakleion, on Crete, founded by C.

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