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By Emily Hewlett Edwards

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Abolished the A student of Pembrokeshire of individuals. is Palatinate. i;th century civil strife in bewildered by the instability In 1642 he finds the county 20 fairly divided, the two little towns of Pembroke and Tenby strongly Parliamentarian. Rowland Laugharne, of St. Brides, John Poyer, Mayor of Pembroke, and Colonel Powell, with their Byrespective clientele, red-hot Roundheads. and-bye Laugharne and his friends are thanked by Parliament for their distinguished service, and rewarded with the confiscated Royalist estate of Slebech; but in 1648 the same men are besieged in Tenby by the Parliamentarian Colonel Horton, and at Pembroke by Oliver Cromwell in person.

Trollope, of Crowcombe, Somerset, owns castle and estate. Gerald no doubt built a fortress here, but what he built we do not know it has been suggested that traces of Early work are visible near ; the inner gateway, perhaps this is attributable to him. evident that the structure underwent in the I3th century, for the plan changes great is clearly Edwardian, that is to say the bulk of the building was erected about the time of the conquest of Wales. Those details most characteristic of the Early Gothic period are the chapel window and piscina in the Eastern block the interesting suite behind the sacred building gives us an insight into the domestic life of a priest of this period, which must have been simple; bed and dressing room are vaulted, and to modern ideas very inadequately lighted; there was a fireplace in the bedroom, but the chapel also contained one, so perhaps the priest used the latter as sitting room, dining in hall with his patron.

Those of highest rank were lodged within the castle, the rest camped in the Park, where in Wales. The festivities inpavilions were provided. cluded feats of arms, a State visit to the Bishop of St. David's at Lamphey, and a sumptuous with arras and banquet in the new hall, hung tapestry for the occasion. coated retainers of Sir Two hundred Rhys attended blue- at the ceremony was observed, a chair set for the absent king under a crimson velvet canopy, and meat laid before the empty place feast; great ; trumpets sounded, while the company waited solemnly until time sufficient for the royal meal had elapsed; then the chair was reversed, and the guests fell to.

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