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By Aurelio Mercado-Irizarry, Philip L. F. Liu

This publication goals to provide the general present tsunami possibility within the Caribbean Sea area, a zone that's generally simply linked to hurricanes. It at the beginning offers an outline of all the current tsunami-causing components present in the area: earthquakes, sub-aerial and submarine landslides, and submarine explosions. this is often by means of box proof of contemporary and pre-historic tsunami occasions, which supplies credibility to all of this attempt. the following part is an outline of the tsunami chance mitigation efforts being conducted in the community and in collaboration with nationwide and overseas courses. the ultimate half is devoted to the presentation of comparable fresh examine effects.

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Vincent, and Barbados. An earthquake occutred. The seawas i n a s t a t e o f v b l e n t agitation. Note the laige distance betweenreporting areas. An earthquake was also reported in Grenada, St. Vincent, §ri|jsji Guiana. Several shocks accompanied b y a large wave occurring during a h u n r a r e . Source of wave uncertain. A strong earthquake produced waves with heights reported; a wave carried away all fbatable objects at Deshaies and Sainte Rose; at Gouyave, Grenada (Charlotte Town), there was some damage; at Haiti, iidestnidiwtsunamistruck the north coast;at Mole Saint-Nicholas, Ca-pHaiien, there was extensive destruction caused by me earthquake and tsunami; atPort-dePaix the sea receded 60 and the returning wave covered the city w i t h 5 m o f water.

At St. Christopher, thewavewas also observed. AtSt. Martin and St. Batthelemy, there was some damage. At St. Johns, Antigua, the wave had a height of 3D. At Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe, the height was 1,0m with the sea letreated far fiom coast. At Deshaies, houses in village weie destiqyed. At Isles des Saintes, theie was a slight swell, and at Fond du Cure, houses i r u n d a t e d t o a d e p t h o f l m At Foint-a-Pilre, theie was a slight swell, and at Sainte-Rose, a lOmwave. The sea withdrew 100m and fboded and damagedhouses on return.

The 3-year (funded) implementation phase is as follows: Year 1 is dedicated to naming an interim Director, establishing an office and expanding the educational effort beyond that. Included in this first year will be an educational video and establishing regular annual meetings of government and non-government activists. The office location will be a political decision but one based on the 4 technical requirements (elements) of the Tsunami Caribbean Workshop: 1. Education. 2. Warning. 3. Management, and 4.

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