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By Howard B. Burchell (auth.), David G. Benditt M.D., D. Woodrow Benson Jr. M.D., Ph.D. (eds.)

correction of any such reentry whilst he saw The W olff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome, . . . in a beneficial test, the lively the most typical number of preexcitation, has for it slow held a fascination for these circulating wave and its prompt arrest via attracted to medical electrophysiology simply because component to the hoop is a sight no longer simply forgotten. it sort of feels to symbolize a clearly happening occasion which, if properly understood, might un­ brave is the single solution to describe the masks solutions to many primary questions first try to surgically interrupt an adjunct pertaining to mechanisms and therapy of auto­ pathway. The immensity of the feat speaks for diac arrhythmias. therefore, it's been defined on its own: Open center surgical procedure was once played to Scherf and Neufeld [1] because the "Rosetta Stone" divide an invisible movement of electrons! This of electrocardiography. historical occasion was once no longer expected. A fisherman The old assessment of the pre excitation from the coast of North Carolina provided to syndromes might be deferred to Dr. Burchell's Duke collage clinical middle in 1968 with authoritative bankruptcy, yet a couple of highlights de­ refractory supraventricular tachycardia comparable serve emphasis right here simply because they graphically to the WPW syndrome [2]. makes an attempt to manage painting how components of serendipity, braveness, the tachycardia medically failed. Dr. Andrew and success performed very important roles within the spread­ Wallace (then Director of the Coronary Care Unit) had lately lower back from the NIH ing of the mysteries of preexcitation.

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Boineau JP, Moore EN: Evidence for propaga- 18. 19. 20. 21. tion of activation across an accessory atrioventricular connection in types A and B preexcitation. Circulation 41:375, 1970. Boineau JP, Moore EN, Spear JF, Sealy WC: Basis of static and dynamic electrocardiographic variations in Wolff-Parkins on-White syndrome. Anatomic and electrophysiologic observations in right and left ventricular preexcitation. Am. J. Cardio!. 32:32, 1973. Anderson RH, Ho SY, Smith A, Wilkinson JL, Becker AE: Study of the cardiac conduction tissues in the paediatric age group.

BASIC CONCEPTS FIGURE 3-1. Diagram illustrating the various possi- ble routes of accessory pathways of conduction, including: 1. Accessory AV Pathway free wall and septal; 2. Accessory Nodo-ventricular Connection; 3. Fasciculo-ventricular Connection; 4. Intranodal Bypass Tract; 5. Atriofascicular Bypass Tract. AVN = atrioventricular node, CBb = branching common bundle, CBp = penetrating common bundle, LB = left bundle, RB = right bundle. originate and insert into ordinary myocardium, and can involve either the septal (anterior or posterior) or parietal walls (free wall, right or left) of the heart [11].

Amongst the exotica et curiosae of the syndrome is the report that a patient was able to control the heart rate and presence of preexcitation by biofeedback training [84]. There are also multiple problems of advising patients of insurance risks, evaluation, or the occupational hazards as with pilot training present over the decades [85,86]. Summary The electrocardiographic abnormality of QRS aberration with a short P-QRS (PR) has occupied the attention of many investigators (physicians, surgeons, scientists, engineers) for the past fifty years.

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