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By Krystyna E. Wisniewski, Joseph S. Jeret (auth.), Maryse Lassonde, Malcolm A. Jeeves (eds.)

This publication is dedicated to the outline of agenesis of the corpus callosum, a congenital malformation of midline buildings within the mind which may be considered as a traditional version of the "split-brain. " First stated by way of Rei! in 1812, this anomaly has because been defined through numerous investigators. curiosity during this malformation used to be revived within the Seventies through reports of interhemispheric move in Bogen and Vogel's commissurotomized sufferers and the following findings through Sperry that acallosal sufferers have been without the common disconnection deficits present in sufferers with surgical transection of the corpus callosum. when you consider that this seminal paintings, the majority of neuropsychological examine on callosal agenesis has curious about the details of interhemispheric move and integration. An ever-growing literature has emerged at the topic, trying to specify the level and bounds of neural plasticity in a frightened approach that has advanced within the absence of crucial interhemispheric pathway. when callosal agenesis proves to be a very good version of cerebral plasticity, it needs to be mentioned that this anomaly is frequently linked to different malformations and neurological ailments which can bring about diversified levels of psychological retardation or different cognitive and sensorimotor deficits. during this context, neurological examine on callosal agenesis has focused on the outline of assorted syndromes linked to this pathology in addition to at the try and specify its neurobehavioral manifestations.

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B. , during her third decade. 22 A more accurate assessment of the incidence of agenesis, hypoplasia, or presence of the corpus callosum in patients with the syndrome became possible when a CT scanner was introduced in the region. 8%. , 1990). CT scanning, however, does not Figure 4. A. G. is unable to stand alone. B. B. and EB. C. Older affeeted siblings confmed to a wheelchair. D. An older patient showing pronounced distal wasting. 23 enable one to assess the thickness and texture of this structure.

1991, Andennann Syndrome in Two Algerian Siblings, [BRO Satellite Symposium on Callosal Agenesis, Quebec City, Canada (Abstract). 26 THE PATHOLOGY OF THE ANDERMANN SYNDROME Stirling Carpenter Departments of Neurology-Neurosurgery and Pathology, McGill University The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital 3801 University St. Montreal, Que. H3A 2B4, Canada INTRODUCTION The Andermann syndrome is a familial disease that was initially described in the Saguenay-Lake St-Jean area in Quebec. A few cases have now been reported outside of Quebec (see Andermann and Andermann, this volume).

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