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After that, the measurements of the relaxation of the magnetization is observed. 16. These plots clearly show, that if the value of ∆T is not too small, then the relaxation curves obtained are practically identical to those in the usual aging experiments at the same f temperature T but with some other waiting time tef w < tw . Assuming that the values of the finite energy barriers separating metastable states essentially depend on the temperature this phenomenon can also be easily explained in terms of the hierarchical structure of the spin-glass states.

The representation of the thermodynamic Gibbs state as a linear combination of the pure states in which all extensive quantities have vanishing long-distance fluctuations, is actually, a central point in the exact definition of the concept of the spontaneous symmetry breaking in statistical mechanics. 5) i where mαi = σi α and mβi = σi β are the site magnetizations in the pure states α and β. Apparently, 0 ≤| qαβ |≤ 1. 6) αβ Note, that this distribution function is defined for a given sample, and it can depend on a concrete realization of the quenched interactions Jij .

These plots demonstrate that within the experimental errors the dependencies obtained at different T coincide. 18 the corresponding dependence of the value ∂∆/∂T from ∆ is shown. Within the experimental errors the value of ∂∆/∂T depends only on ∆ and it does not depend directly from the temperature. 4) Tc The temperature T ∗ is the integration constant, which actually labels the concrete barrier. In other words, each barrier can be characterized by the critical temperature T ∗ at which this (finite at T > T ∗ ) barrier becomes infinite.

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