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By Trisha Maynard

In recent times the problem of boys and literacy, specifically that they're worse at it in comparison to women, has develop into a key niche to all these taken with the schooling of our youngsters. This ebook highlights the major components inflicting this divide and discusses the implementation of latest suggestions to beat it, which were the results of vast qualitative study made through the writer. Trisha Maynard studies case research findings of a main tuition whose employees desired to discover and increase boys' attitudes in the direction of and attainment in literacy, and particularly their problems with writing.The publication highlights concerns in regards to the examining and writing of news, what academics comprehend through 'good tale writing' and the significance of lecturers exploring boys' and ladies' problems with literacy via themselves. It presents major perception into boys' problems with writing in addition to informing lecturers how to define out approximately kid's attainment.

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Solutions? If females and ‘girl-friendly’ teaching and assessment methods are to blame for boys’ under-achievement, then it is unsurprising that strategies suggested to improve boys’ attainment have included: the introduction of single-sex teaching; an increase in the number of male teachers and male role-models in schools; the adoption of boy-friendly teaching strategies4 and assessment methods; the motivation of boys through the establishment of links between (predominantly male) sports, learning and literacy; and the inclusion on school reading lists of the kinds of books boys prefer.

Psychoanalytic theories have also been criticised – for example, there is little evidence that the emotional bond between mothers and daughters is different from that between mothers and sons (Golombok and Fivush 1994). In addition, Thorne (1993) argues that psychoanalytic theories cannot account for those occasions when boys and girls choose to be together. However, as Measor and Sikes (1992) point out, these theories do have the advantage of focusing on the emotional aspects of a child’s life and emphasise that feelings are involved in the process of developing the gender role.

This is not just associated with boys of secondary school age; even in primary schools Epstein (1998) noted the bullying and harassment through homophobic name-calling of boys who worked hard. If boys are finding academic work difficult, it may be understandable that gaining the admiration of their peers for being the ‘class clown’ is more appealing than risking being seen as a swot or a failure. How then, do boys who are academic high-achievers demonstrate their masculinity in school? This is problematic and, as I have indicated above, many of the high-achieving boys appear to be subject to homophobic abuse.

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