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By Abhijit Mitra, Sufia Zaman

The ever expanding emission of carbon dioxide as a result of quick industrialization, urbanization, unplanned tourism and alteration of land use development is inflicting remarkable alterations to marine biodiversity. without reference to political philosophy, state, caste, intercourse and faith, mankind is below the appalling shadow of weather swap. at the present time nature-based methods for the mitigation of weather switch are more and more authorised as a part of the inexpensive answer. Thrust has been given via numerous clinical groups to evaluate the significance and viability of carbon sequestering capability of crops. Coastal manufacturer groups like mangroves, salt marsh grass, seagrass beds, and seaweeds take up atmospheric carbon dioxide throughout the means of photosynthesis. This carbon referred to as the ‘blue carbon’ is hence linked to the marine and estuarine ecosystems. despite the fact that, a couple of gaps in our clinical wisdom on blue carbon area nonetheless exist. Molluscs, coral reefs, phytoplankton, that are among the real storehouses of carbon, haven't been addressed. only a few clinical reviews at the carbon kept in those useful ordinary vaults were played, and no information financial institution is offered on their carbon sequestering skill on international foundation. The methodologies for assessing blue carbon inventory additionally want extra standardization in order that credits from blue carbon reservoir is accredited by way of the overseas our bodies within the type of a concrete coverage. it's a topic of significant appreciation that Conservation overseas (CI), the foreign Union for Conservation of ordinary assets (IUCN), and the Intergovernmental Oceanic fee (IOC) of UNESCO is taking part with governments, learn associations, non-governmental and overseas agencies, and groups around the globe to advance administration techniques, monetary incentives and coverage mechanisms for making sure conservation and recovery of blue carbon ecosystems and enforce tasks worldwide that show the feasibility of blue carbon accounting, administration, and incentive agreements. the current booklet has seriously offered the knowledge financial institution for every group of blue carbon now not in simple terms within the kind of textual content description, but additionally via case stories which are the results of analysis tasks and pilot programmes.

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The members of phytoplankton community have unique size, shape and morphological features (Fig. 7). Diatoms These floating plants are all microscopic in size and are characterized by the presence of shell or frustule. The shell or frustule is composed of translucent silica. The cell wall of diatom has two parts resembling a pillbox bottom and lid. The lid is called the Epitheca and the bottom is known as hypotheca. These shells have great importance from the geological point of view and constitute the diatomaceous crust.

In general, tides have two basic components. • Magnitude. • Time. 6 Magnitude components are described in terms of tidal range and tidal prism, and the time component is described by tidal period. Majority of the coastal processes operate within the tidal range, and so if the values of HTL and LTL are known, then on the basis of these limits, one can demarcate the zones with different magnitude of tidal influence such as subtidal, lower intertidal and upper intertidal. These zones are important from geomorphologic and ecological point of views, because each zone is associated with its own set of physical and biological characteristics.

In other regions of the ocean, surface currents may push two water masses in opposite directions, drawing deeper water to the surface. During the slow movement produced by these currents, adjacent layers of ocean water are mixed with nutrients and chemicals. 6 billion years ago. It is generally believed that for the first billion years of its existence, the earth was mainly composed of silicon compounds, iron, magnesium oxide, and some other elements in small amounts. Geologists and earth scientists believe that originally, this blue planet was composed of cold matter.

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