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By E. A. Schreiber, Joanna Burger

Biology of Marine Birds offers the single entire precis of data approximately marine birds ever released. It either summarizes and analyzes their breeding biology, ecology, taxonomy, evolution, fossil historical past, body structure, energetics, and conservation. The ebook covers 4 orders of marine birds: penguins (Sphenisciformes); albatross, shearwaters, petrels (Procellariiformes); pelicans, boobies, frigatebirds, tropicbirds, cormorants (Pelecaniformes); and gulls, terns, guillemots, auks (Charadriiformes - households Laridae and Alcidae). precis chapters handle the biology of shorebirds and wading birds and their lives within the marine environment.This finished publication includes a number of precis tables that offer you exhaustive details on a variety of elements in their existence histories, breeding biology, body structure and energetics, and demography. It additionally discusses examine concepts and destiny study wanted, offering a consultant to ornithologists and scholars for examine initiatives. Written by means of said specialists during this box, Biology of Marine Birds is the best source. The authors not just current recognized details, yet supply new analyses and insights into marine chook biology. you can find no different publication that covers the entire significant seabird teams and all of the significant themes with this intensity of element. no matter if you're learning, discovering, or coping with marine environments, you'll find your self achieving for this source again and again.

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Brodkorbi. The fossil record of Cepphus follows closely that of Uria. While there are no Cepphus fossils from the Atlantic, Howard (1968, 1978) tentatively assigned fossil material from the Miocene of California to this genus. This material is roughly the same age as U. brodkorbi and suggests the origin of both taxa may be contemporaneous. In addition, C. olsoni, again described by Howard (1982), is from the same fossil locality as U. paleohesperis, further emphasizing the temporal and geographic similarity between murres and guillemots.

C. 1983. The changing status of the Kittiwake Rissa tridactyla in the British Isles, 1969–1979. Bird Study 30: 9–16. COULSON, J. C. 1985. Density regulation in colonial seabird colonies. Proceedings of the XVIII International Ornithological Congress, Moscow pp. 783–791. COULSON, J. , AND C. S. THOMAS. 1983. Mate choice in the Kittiwake Gull. In Mate Choice (P. ). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. COULSON, J. , AND E. WHITE. 1956. ). Ibis 98: 63–79. 9882_frame_C01 Page 13 Tuesday, July 3, 2001 8:49 AM Seabirds in the Marine Environment 13 COULSON, J.

2). The radiation in the Atlantic centered within the Alcinae, in particular, birds described as Alca (including the extinct genus Australca, which Olson and Rasmussen [2001] made synonymous with Alca). 1). The only Alcini missing from the Atlantic at this time was Uria. Also present in the Atlantic at this time was Fratercula (two species described as having affinities to the F. arctica and F. cirrhata, respectively) and an Aethiinae of indeterminate relations. 1) including Aethia (1 species), Uria (2), Cepphus (1), and Cerorhinca (2), as well as 7 species of mancallids (Praemancalla, Mancalla, and Alcodes).

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