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By E. A. Schreiber, Joanna Burger

I ordered this publication on January 28, 2010, it ultimately bought dropped at me on March three, 2010. I referred to as purchaser Amazon's customer support they usually have been great yet they weren't in a position to get it brought to me at an prior date. i purchased this publication for a category that i'm taking and by chance i did not desire the e-book till later.

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1 (368 entries, including 253 taxa described to species, 28 of which are assigned or have affinities to modern species). Although this list is comprehensive, undoubtedly it is not complete, and it does not include modern seabird taxa found in Pleistocene or Holocene deposits (see Brodkorb 1963, 1967; and Tyrberg 1998 for listing of Pleistocene fossils of modern seabirds). There are at least two published revisions of a fossil taxon (penguins from New Zealand and Antarctica; Fordyce and Jones 1990, Myrcha in press) that were not included in this analysis.

AND P. ROTHERY. 1991. Population regulation of seabirds: implications of their demography for conservation. Pp. 272–296 in Bird Population Studies: Relevance to Conservation and Management (C. M. -D. Lebreton, and G. M. ). Oxford University Press, Oxford. CROXALL, J. , AND P. ROTHERY. 1994. Population change in Gentoo Penguins Pygoscelis papua at Bird Island, South Georgia: potential roles of adult survival, recruitment and deferred breeding. Pp. 26–38 in The Penguins (P. Dann, I. Norman, and P.

Predation on seabirds by introduced animals, and factors affecting its severity. Pp. 667–690 in Status and Conservation of the World’s Seabirds (J. P. Croxall, P. G. H. Evans, and R. W. ). International Committee for Bird Preservation (Tech. Publ. 3), Cambridge, UK. NAVARRO, R. A. 1991. Food addition and twinning experiments in the Cape Gannet: effects on breeding success and chick growth and behavior. Colonial Waterbirds 14: 92–102. NAVARRO, R. A. 1992. Body composition, fat reserves, and fasting capability of cape gannet chicks.

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