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Biofeedback and behaviour: A NATO Symposium, hung on 27-30 July 1976 on the Max Planck Institut fUr Psychiatrie in MUnchen, was once a mul tidisciplinary assembly that explored either theoretical and utilized concerns bobbing up from using biofeedback strategies for the keep watch over of visceral, important fearful process and skeletal occasions. The symposium used to be multi nationwide in its composition. monetary aid for the symposium used to be in the beginning supplied by way of the medical Affairs department of the North Atlantic Treaty association as a part of their carrying on with sequence of clinical symposia. cash made avail capable by means of a provide from the us place of work of Naval study allow ted ordinary foreign participation within the symposium. The facil ities for the assembly have been graciously supplied through the Max Planck Institut ilir Psychiatrie. We thank each one of those businesses for his or her aid in making this symposium attainable. a distinct thank you is because of Dr. B.A. Bayraktar of the medical Affairs department of NA TO and Dr. Donald wooden ward of the U. S. place of work of Naval study, whose information contributed considerably to the association of this assembly. The making plans of this symposium used to be conducted in session with individuals of the organizing committee: Rolf Engel, Pola Engel-Sittenfeld, Laverne C. Johnson, George H. Lawrence, Gary E. Schwartz, and Da vid Shapiro. the ultimate kind of this symposium displays their contribu tions, for which we're thankful.

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From this point of view, electronic computers provide the most attractive models of complex brain functions. The most penetrating study of the man-machine similarities and con- BIOFEEDBACK: CYBERNETICS AND SYSTEMS SCIENCE 37 trasts must come, of course, from those who have a sustained motivation for systematic research in this area. Who are they? It seems to me that they can be divided roughly into two groups: On the one hand, there are those individuals and groups who are primarily interested in man but who believe that a better understanding of machines is the royal road to reducing human limitations; on the other hand, there are those individuals and groups who are primarily interested in building better machines but who believe that a better understanding of living control mechanisms may reveal design prinCiples which can be used to reduce the limitations of machines.

1932), the great physicist wrote: "The fact is that there is a point in the immeasurable world of mind and matter, where science and every causal method of research is inapplicable, not only on practical grounds but also on logical grounds, and will always remain inapplicable. This point is the individual ego. It is a small point in the universal realrL of being; but in itself it is a whole world, embracing our emotional life, our will and our thought. This realm of the ego is at once the source of our deepest suffering and at the same time of our highest happiness.

T)he sensory order with which we are concerned is both a result and a cause of the motor activities of the body. Behavior has to be seen in a double role: it is both input and output of the activities of the higher nervous centres. " "Just as at the higher centres it will not be only one particular sensory impulse, but anyone of a class of many different combinations of impulses, which will give rise to a particular response, so the motor signal sent out from the higher centres will be for the execution not of one particular pattern of co-ordinated movements but for anyone of a class of such patterns" (p.

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