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5) as it can be used with other meanings as well. Traditionally it is used to refer to expressions of emotional attitude, which cover only one aspect of Thompson and Hunston’s ‘evaluation’. Similarly, the term ‘stance’ can convey different meanings. ‘Stance’ is defined by Biber et al. (1999) as the expression of ‘personal feelings, attitudes, value judgments, or assessments’ (p. 966) or more recently by Biber (2006, p. 99) as the expression of ‘many different kinds of personal feelings and assessments, including attitudes that a speaker has about certain information, how certain they are about its veracity, how they obtained access to the information, and what perspective they are taking’.

STR> generalization) Move 2: Presenting the – Stating the purpose of the research • What is the study about? study, research questions and/or hypotheses Move 3: Describing the – Describing the materials, methodology Move 4: Summarizing the – Reporting the main findings of findings Move 5: Discussing the • How was the research done? subjects, variables, procedures, ... • What did the researcher find? the study – Interpreting the research • What do the results mean? results/findings and/or giving recommendations, • So what?

G. The tasks also targeted real world activities that the learners were likely to undertake outside the L2 classroom …) were manually discarded. Three types of that-complement construction were then counted separately: that-clause controlled by a verb, that-clause controlled by an adjective, and that-clause controlled by a noun. 2. As this method can only extract that-complement clauses with the complementizer, the cases with deleted that would be missed out. g. Charles, 2004, 2006a, b, c, 2007; Francis, Hunston, Analysis of Move Structure and Authorial Stance 37 1.

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