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By Lilian Yamamoto, Miguel Esteban

Atoll Island States exist on most sensible of what's looked as if it would be one of many planet's such a lot weak ecosystems: atolls. it's been estimated that a rise within the velocity of sea point upward push led to via expanding greenhouse fuel concentrations within the surroundings will lead them to disappear, forcing their population emigrate.
The current publication represents a multidisciplinary felony and engineering point of view in this challenge, demanding a few universal misconceptions relating to atolls and their vulnerability to sea-level upward push. Coral islands have survived earlier alterations in sea degrees, and it's the survival of coral reefs what is going to be the most important for his or her persevered lifestyles. those islands are very important for his or her population as they symbolize not just their ancestral agricultural lands and background, but additionally a income during the exploitation of the maritime parts linked to them. even though, no matter if confronted with severe weather switch, it could possibly theoretically be attainable for the richer Atoll Island States to engineer how you can hinder their major islands from disappearing, although unfortunately no longer all may have the necessary monetary assets to take action.
As islands turn into gradually uninhabitable their citizens may be pressured to settle in overseas lands, and will develop into stateless if the Atoll Island country ceases to be well-known as a sovereign nation. even though, instead of tackling this challenge through stepping into long negotiations over new treaties, simpler options, encompassing bilateral negotiations or the potential for buying small new territories, will be explored. this may make sure that Atoll Island States sooner or later to maintain a few type of foreign sovereign character, that may gain the descendents of its trendy inhabitants.

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For some views on this see Hoegh-Guldberg et al. (2011), pp. 1494–1495. 2 Magnan et al. (2011). 2 Climate Change and Its Implications for Atoll Island States 37 Climate change poses a severe challenge to the long-term survival of Atoll Island States. The IPCC 4AR discusses different global warming scenarios for various parts of the world and states how “the probability of extreme warm seasons is 100% in all cases for the small islands and the scenarios of warming are all very significant by the end of the century”.

40 The production part of this equation does not only relate to the presence of coral, for example, but also to destructive processes within them. 42 The coastal sediments that result from these processes come in a wide variety of sizes (see Fig. 14), as they can originate from larger pieces of 39 Sato and Yokoki (2010), p. 1. Kench et al. (2009), pp. 180–213. 41 Kench et al. (2009), pp. 180–213. 42 Blanchon et al. (1997), pp. 1–16. 5 Dynamic Coastal Environments 27 Fig. e. coral gravel and sand) corals that gradually reduce in size over time due to the effects of abrasion.

18 2 Geography, Economy and Environment of Atoll Island States Fig. 6 Six thousand years before present Reef flat msl 1 msl 2 Fig. 7 Three thousand and five hundred years before present. 7 illustrate the conventional Indo-Pacific model, which meant the islands would have originally formed at a time of falling sea levels msl 1 msl 2 and the island grows in size, and vegetation appears (Fig. 4). In the last 4,000 years the islands have probably been fairly stable, though the outer reef surface has continued to grow, with seasonal fluctuations in the beach position explaining a coral-algal moat surface next to the island.

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