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By Henry C. McGill Jr. (auth.), Robert W. Wissler, M. Gene Bond, Michele Mercuri, Piero Tanganelli, Giorgio Weber, Gertrud Friedman (eds.)

The philosophy of this NATO complicated examine Workshop and the monograph it has yielded is if you place a small variety of very gifted and inventive scientists of alternative backgrounds and documented accomplishments jointly in a cloistered position for a number of days to contemplate a vital and well timed subject, many new rules might be generated. The keynote of this convention used to be the long run. by means of this we suggest the anticipated destiny advancements of hugely trustworthy sequential quantitative measurements of atherosclerotic plaque dimension and elements in dwelling human topics. the very best minds and the main skilled and gifted participants on the prime edges of imaging of arteries have been concerned; the superior scientists and scholars of the atherosclerotic plaque and its parts participated; and a few of the top investigators of the phone biology or, as we name it within the united states, the pathobiology of atherosclerosis, contributed vital new info. All of those participants have been actively fascinated by the convention and every evidently had rigorously ready and used to be in a position to converse effectively.

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Appoximately twice the axial resolution of the instrument used. This appears to be a conservative estimate of the methodological error because the arteriography and pathology methods, which were the standards against which the ultrasound was validated, also changed arterial dimensions to some degree. Excellent reproduciblity was demonstrated and approached the resolution of the instrument when used to measure wall thickness and lumen diameters in animals. The procedures used for these B-mode ultrasound studies are similar to those used for imaging human carotid and peripheral arteries, except that greater care was exercised in precise positioning and repositioning of the transducer, and in fine tuning instrument controls.

G. Cao, L. b;jgi *Ist. Anat. , Ctr. , Univ. Siena, Via delle Scotte 6 **Clin. Med. , Ctr. Ecotan. Carotid ***Clin. , Univ. suring and validating atherosclerotic lesion severity, extent and catp:>sition by ultrasound in large and Iredium arteries: aortas and carotid arteries \olere both studied "in vitro" and "in vivo" by B-m::lde ultrasonographic devices and histopathology, often rraking use of endarteretat¥ sanples fran the carotid arteries. ned by ultrasonographic images and histology (5-11).

Which generates a broad-pulsed nedium frequency ultrasonic band (8 Mhz). For each subject, longitudinal sections (anterior, 0° to the surgical plane; lateral 90°; and posterior-lateral, 150°-170°) as well as transverse sections, exploring the whole length of the vessel (2 crrt. from the camon carotid below the flow divider to the intemal carotid for 1-2 em above tile flow divider) , were registered on video-tape (3-4" Video Cassette Recorder). For the validation study, 50 endarterectany sanples were imnersion fixed in 10% buffered formalin and decalcified with Ethylenediamnino-tetra-acetic acid (IDrA).

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