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F. This statement only applies of course to steady state conditions. It follows from expression (42) that the transition transient from one rotor speed to another takes place exponentially, without hunting. Since Q R α ι ? 7 ο ο cos χ J + a 2 ? 7 o o cos A A ' the time of this transient can be varied by altering the regulation coefficients αϊ and 24 ASYNCHRONIZED SYNCHRONOUS MACHINES For instance, by altering the sign and magnitude of the coefficient a 2 , it is possible to increase and reduce the effect of the inertia constant J.

5 50 ASYNCHRONIZED SYNCHRONOUS MACHINES theoretical but also practical ; at the present moment very large power systems interconnected by powerful long-distance transmission line are being planned. Since the powers of the systems are several times greater than the transmitted power, it is evident that operation of the line in conditions close to the stability limit (only these are economically justified) will not be sufficiently reliable. A. Gorev could say with truth twenty-five years ago that the cost of an electric coupling was very high, then nowadays the development of AS machines in conjunction with modern regulation methods and electronic techniques made a has solution to this problem technically possible and in some cases, in the opinion of the author, it can be said to be economically justifiable.

N= The general solution of the heterogeneous linear differential equation of the first order with the constant coefficients ( 3 6 ) will be the sum of the two solutions — the general solution of the homogeneous differential equation Rs'+Qs ( 3 7 ) =0 and the particular solution of the heterogeneous differential equation ( 3 6 ) , the solution dependent on the function [ — N + +/(*)]· The general solution of equation ( 3 7 ) is not difficult to find; let us assume that the particular solution of equation ( 3 6 ) will be equal to the function F(t).

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