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By Gordon T. Stewart , John Tully , Anand A. Yang , Matthew Boswell , Gordon M. Winder , Kaushik Bagchi , Poul Duedahl , Thomas S. Wilkins , William W. Grimes , Tara Sethia , Chris Vasantkumar

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1. 1774: The Scottish Enlightenment Meets the Tibetan Enlightenment
2. A Victorian Ecological catastrophe: Imperialism, the Telegraph, and Gutta-Percha
3. Indian Convict employees in Southeast Asia within the past due Eighteenth and Early 19th Centuries
4. Media family in China's army - The Case of the Ministry of
5. London's worldwide succeed in? Reuters information and community, 1865, 1881, and 1914
6. Richard Garbe's Indian trip, 1885-1886
7. promoting Mankind: UNESCO and the discovery of worldwide historical past, 1945-1976
8. Taiwan-Japan kin in an period of Uncertainty
9. The Asian financial Fund Reborn
10. the increase of the Jute production in Colonial India: an international Perspective
11. what's This “Chinese” in in another country chinese language? Sojourn paintings and where of China's Minority Nationalities in Extraterritorial Chinese-ness


1. Gordon T. Stewart
2. John Tully
3. Anand A. Yang
4. Matthew Boswell
5. Gordon M. Winder
6. Kaushik Bagchi
7. Poul Duedahl
8. Thomas S. Wilkins
9. William W. Grimes
10. Tara Sethia
11. Chris Vasantkumar


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11. The magazine of Asian stories (2012), seventy one : pp 423-446

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On the contrary, they felt somewhat chastened by the encounter. They had been well and truly outmaneuvered by Tibetan and Bhutanese officials. Yet they were not disheartened by their failure. They also thought they had learned a great deal of useful information from these (for the British) hitherto unknown places. " 52 Nor were there any signs of Bogle thinking in terms of the oft-cited binaries of imperial mentalities in the Victorian and Edwardian eras—savage/ civilized, inferior/superior, primitive/advanced—that were to be so amply demonstrated during the 1904 Younghusband military expedition to Lhasa.

This remarkable moment in world history brought the Scottish Enlightenment into contact with Tibetan Lamaist Bud­dhism. The commentaries written during this episode are used to test the widely held view that Enlightenment thinking led to European imperialism. The evidence from this encounter shows that Enlightenment-era mentalities could be both supportive of and antipathetic to imperialism. The article ends by glancing briefly at Tibetan impe­rialism in an earlier period to suggest that both Buddhism and the Enlightenment were sometimes implicated in the creation of empires but that neither can be viewed as the root cause of imperialism.

84 Throughout his career in Bengal Bogle was attentive to the use of military power to extend the company's reach. When he entered the first pass at Buxaduar that led from the Bengal plains into the Bhutan hill country, he cast an appraising eye of the Bhutanese defense works at this strategic point. He knew about the victories of the company armies at Plassey in 1757 and Buxar in 1764, which had led to the take-over in Bengal. He was a member of the Calcutta militia and took part in military drills on the maidan in front of Fort William.

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