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By H.J.F. Dumont, Thomas Norgrady, Henrik Segers

A tremendous undertaking, whose goal is to supply prime quality id courses to the zooplankton of the area. 3 significant teams might be lined at first, the Rotifera, Cladocera and Copepoda. for every, there'll be a common quantity, containing info on anatomy, taxonomy, ecology, biogeography and so on, plus keys to kinfolk point, plus extra exact volumes giving species descriptions and keys, notes on diversity, and short info on biology and ecology. 23 volumes are both to be had or in lively guidance

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P. triacanthum Margin of head shield with single blunt point, may be lobed. Central longitudinal P. lenticulare ridge replaces arrowhead pattern (Figs 20, 24) 5(3). Posterior margin of lorica rounded, dorsal ridges form an equilateral triangle or shield-shaped pattern (Figs 36, 39) P. truncatum Posterior margin elongate, fonning a distinct caudal projection (Figs 2, 29) . .. 6. 6(5). Head shield with central low hump and blunt strongly plicate anterolateral P. africanum projections.

No measurements or ecological data are given. -~ Literature 8 De Paggi 1996. Code 12,14,18 or 19, 110,113,116,22,23. Remark Koste (1978b) suggests that the species may be an ecotype of P. lenticulare. Figs 1-8. Ploesoma africanum. 1: Lorica, lateral, 2, 5: dorsal; 3-4: ventral (4: narrow fissure); 6: trophi; 7: ramus; 8: manubrium (Wulfert, 1965). 191 190 Ploesoma hudsoni (Imhof, 1891) Figs 9-19 ~ Plate 5 Figs 1-3 Gastropus hudsoni Imhof, 1891a: 37 Gastroschiza flexilis Jagerskiold, 1892: 448 Bipalpus vesiculosus Wierzejsky & Zacharias, 1893: 236, pI.

Code 12,16,19,113,114,117,22,32,42,51,54,55,510,514,61, 64, 69,612 Polyarthra minor Voigt, 1904 Figs 38-42 P. platyptera Ehrb. var. minor Voigt, 1904: 33 P. platyptera Ehrb. f. palustris Lie-Pettersen, 1910: 36, pI. 1: 11 P. minor: Lucks 1912 p. 44 Type locality PIon, Germany I Description Body square to rectangular, well rounded on the posterior margin, lateral antennae on or close to the median line of trunk. Fins slender with distinctly serrated edge, tips pointed, the dorsal right bundle at ,least twice "as long as the other three (width/length 1: 16); one of the left dorso~lateral fins is widest just below its point of attachment, dagger-shaped (width/length 1:5); all the other fins are slender (1: 11).

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