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By S. Supomo (auth.), S. Supomo (eds.)

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Apart from being called Arjuna Sahasrabăhu, he is also referred to four times (59,4d; 62,8b; 72,2d, 3a) by the name Kărtaw'irya, and the name of his tribe, Hehaya, is mentioned repeatedly throughout the second part of the kakawin. These names occur in the Skt. Utt. but, remarkably, are absent from the OJ Utt. That a fourteenth century kawi still had a first-hand knowledge of Sanskrit literature is not at all impossible. Nag. 93,1 mentions the presence of Indian scholars in the court of Majapahit, and the Nag.

Is almost impossible. Many changes seem to be of no significance: words are replaced with their synonyms, many of the main actors are referred to by proper names that do not occur in the OJ Utt. and many additional words or phrases are introduced apparently as mere stop-gaps. What is more significant, however, is that additional dramatis personae and events are also numerous: Arjuna is given a beautiful, faithful wife, as well as a handsome first minister, whose heroism is destined to be one of the tripama, the three exemplars of courage for a Javanese serving his king; Arjuna is also made to wander throughout the mountains, coast and forests to enjoy their beauty, as weU as to listen patiently to a discourse delivered by a priest.

On the other hand, the name Satikha occurs in Skt. Utt. 14,13, but this passage does not occur in the O J U tt. 24 ARJUNAWIJAYA (3) In Arj. u. In a slightly different fQrm we find these names in the fQUowing passage Qf the OJ Utt. (Z: 27,18 sqq): Clrika n papulih ikan yakşaufira rwan siki, manaran Ywagadhipa mwan Wiş~u, mapagaken ruk nikan Mărica. Katub kahubalan kawalesan ikan Mărica teU padatinya'. u made a cQunter-attack tQ resist Mărica's onslaught. Attacked by these twQ heroes, Mărica, and even his foot-servants, were hurled aside).

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