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A smorgasbord of unusual, imprecise, and unique wordsIn this pleasant encore to the nationwide bestseller A notice an afternoon, Anu Garg, the founding father of the wildly renowned A notice an afternoon site (, provides an all-new selection of strange, exciting phrases and real-life anecdotes that may thrill writers, students, and be aware buffs all over the place. one other notice an afternoon celebrates the English language in all its quirkiness, grandeur, and enjoyable, and lines new chapters starting from "Words shaped Erroneously" and "Red-Herring Words" to "Kangaroo Words," "Discover the Theme," and "What Does That corporation identify Mean?" In them, you'll discover a treasure trove of curious and compelling phrases, together with agelast, dragoman, mittimus, nyctalopia, quacksalver, scission, tattersall, and zugzwang. each one access encompasses a concise definition, etymology, and utilization instance, interspersed with illuminating quotations.

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"Anu Garg's many readers anticipate their A observe an afternoon rations hungrily. Now finally here's a banquet for them and different verbivores. devour up!"
--Barbara Wallraff, Senior Editor on the Atlantic per month and writer of notice Court

"AWADies should be acquainted with Anu Garg's clean method of phrases: phrases are enjoyable and so they have attention-grabbing histories."
--John Simpson, leader Editor, Oxford English Dictionary

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From Japanese, ori (fold) + hon (book). A word sharing the same root is origami (ori + -gami, kami [paper]), the Japanese art of paper folding that can coax a whole menagerie from a few flat sheets of paper. ” —Electronic Publishing amphigory or amphigouri (AM-fi-gor-ee) noun A nonsensical piece of writing, usually in verse form, typically composed as a parody. From French amphigouri. ” —Policy Review Writer and illustrator Edward Gorey (1925–2000), known for his dark cartoons, illustrations, stories, and poems, called his collection Amphigorey.

If you are in a corner with a gun pointed at you, you are checkmated. If you are in a closet and can’t get out without being shot, you are stalemated. —Hal Lewis, Santa Barbara, California endgame (END-gaym) noun 1. The final stage of a chess game, in which only a few pieces are left. 2. The final stage of a game, process, or activity. ” —The Progressive The fact that astronomies change while the stars abide is a true analogy of every realm of human life and thought, religion not least of all.

2. Lasting two years. 3. Taking two years to complete its life cycle. noun 1. An event occurring once in two years. 2. A plant that takes two years to complete its life cycle, such as beets and carrots. From biennium (a two-year period), from Latin bi- (two) + annus (year). Oh, we have a home. We just need a house to put it in. ” —The Associated Press quacksalver (KWAK-sal-vuhr) noun A quack. From obsolete Dutch (now kwakzalver), from quack (boast) + salve (ointment). Did the quacksalver hawk his concoctions of quicksilver (mercury) as a panacea to earn the name quacksalver?

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