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By Jeff Lemire

It's a brand-new event all approximately Kate-Hawkeye!

A sneak peek into Kate's previous unearths extra approximately her mysterious father.

Back within the current, Clint leads a S.H.I.E.L.D. staff to rescue the children from the clutches of Hydra!

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Berdal and D. Malone (eds), Greed and Grievance: Economic Agendas in Civil Wars, Colorado and London: Lynne Rienner, 2000. ongoing development 31 there is no reason to assume that governments are always right and those who take arms against them always wrong – in their cause, at least, if not in their methods. Their aspirations may well be shared by a large sector of the population. However, far more work needs to be done to enable unarmed groups to have their say. This is a key dilemma for peacemaking: how to get from war to peace without rewarding violence, whether it is the violence of the state or of factions rebelling against it; how to step outside the current system of power; how to give equal rights to those who so often experience powerlessness.

Ideally, a programme or project in a particular place is a response, if not to a local request, at least to needs that have been carefully assessed with a potential partner or partners, rather than started simply because there is a likelihood of associated funding that will help an organisation to support itself. However, when needs come first and we are motivated to undertake a particular piece of work simply because we care about what is happening, and think we can help, the challenge is to find adequate and timely sources of funding – which may prove relatively easy or extremely difficult, sometimes impossible.

Advocacy for participation in peace processes Not only are peace constituencies needed; if the peace is to be a genuine one that meets the needs of all sectors of society, those different sectors need to be involved. 15 UN Resolution 1325, on the right of women to be included in peace processes, has been used as a political lever by many women’s groups around the world to strengthen their case for participation. When society has been through great upheaval and new constitutions are being drawn up, this is – in theory at least – a time of opportunity for change, both in social roles and in the way human rights are regarded.

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