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To waste time on small-scale private banks would discredit our investigations. We had noted, however, that the day after this outburst two of the permanent members of Captain Bogdan's staff requested military travel orders to Cologne to investigate the Stein Bank. This was an unusual application. Since Cologne had not yet fallen, it was tantamount to a request to accompany the "T" Forces immediately behind the combat units. The Intelligence Division blocked that one. Another thread had been the business collaboration of many years' standing between Baron Kurt von Schroder and a very good friend of Franz von Papen, Gerhardt A.

The other two Luxembourg steel companies, Hadir and Rodange, were taken over by the Germans when the managers refused to collaborate. After the liberation of Luxembourg, nineteen men who were THE FRATERNITY BROTHERS 41 department chiefs, production men, and engineers of Arbed were dismissed for collaboration, while Meyer remained as head of the firm. The official attitude was that Meyer had become a hero by keeping his firm intact during the war and thereby preventing the removal of Luxembourg workers from the local steel plants to Germany for work in the German plants.

Poensgen's "extraordinary services in arming Germany" continued with the same kind of success. Alternating threats and concessions consistently increased the ability of the German group to control quotas and limit the production of the non-German members almost at will. Small wonder that when the International Steel Cartel was first set up, in September 1926, just three weeks after Germany had joined the League of Nations, a member of the Reichstag, Dr. " As we wound up our work in the files of the Steel Cartel, we could see that this arrangement had gone very far indeed in "mitigating the consequences" of the Versailles Treaty.

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