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A complete therapy of a big kinfolk of polymers worthy in a variety of purposes in such fields as automobile, pharmaceutical, beauty, metal-working, mining, business coating, cloth, development, and residential furniture. Summarizes the chemistry and mechanisms; presents easy prepa

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A. S. Malinovski, Epoxides and Their Derivatives, translated from Russian, 1965 Israel Program for Scientific Translation, Jerusalem, 1965. Page 35 4— Polymerization of 1,2-Epoxides I— Introduction The 1,2-epoxides, or vicinal epoxides, include the alkylene oxides, the simplest of which is ethylene oxide. The first reported polymerization of ethylene oxide was by Wurtz in 1863 (1), who described the reaction of ethylene oxide heated in a sealed tube with water and, later, with alkali and with zinc chloride catalysts.

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